5 Organization Ideas For Small Pantries

Having a small party can go real bad real quick. It’s really easy to get lost in the sea of items you might have. A lot of us has no idea what is actually in there and how clunky it is. It’s no wonder we are constantly looking for pantry organization hacks. The main idea behind a pantry is to store all the things that you might need in order to prepare a good meal. This applies to many things including organizing small spaces such as storage units. If you don’t know where the needed items are, it’s going to be a tough situation. Organizing your pantry should be one of the home enhancement goals for you. There are many organization ideas for small pantries out there, and we compiled our top 5 in order to make your life a lot less stressful.

Empty out your pantry before starting to organize it

Makes sense, right? Before trying to figure out how to fit everything in a small pantry make sure to remove all items from it. That way you can see exactly what you have and perhaps even throw some things away. Group them in their perspective sections and try to think about what can fit where. This is the first and most important of all pantry-space saving tips. Once you group everything, stop and really think about the different places you can fit your things. It’s really no different than if you were looking for a Master Moving Guide. Just looking at an empty pantry is a great way to give yourself tips on organizing a small pantry. In fact, just doing this can provide you with so much extra space you don’t even realize exists right now.

Use labels for everything. It’s one of the best organization ideas for small pantries

I really can not stress this enough. Labels people, labels are the key. Not just when you’re wondering how to fit everything in a small pantry; but in general, label everything if you’re organizing. Go to a local store, buy sticky notes or similar labeling tools and write down everything you have. Using containers can really help here as you can not label literally every individual thing. Organizing kitchen cabinets and drawers can be done this way as well. Containers are also one of the pantry organization hacks that we recommend. It must sound good to walk in and have everything in front of you perfectly labeled and right there for you to grab. This might not seem like a huge, groundbreaking tip, but it’s a game changer people. It really is. Here’s a couple of ideas of things you can label:

  • Cooking accessories
  • Baking materials
  • Pots and pans
  • Plastic Bins

Group similar items to save space in a small pantry

In order to save as much space as possible, grouping everything you can is one of the best organization ideas for small pantries out there. Since you have a small pantry, you must save space wherever you can. Once you remove everything from your pantry, think about how you can group different items. Think about the different activities you do and what items you require for them when trying to transform your home or pantry. If you like baking cookies often, perhaps try and have all the necessary items for that in one place. Same applies for groceries and all the different things. You know what you usually need the items from your pantry for and I’m sure you can figure out right now the different things you can group. The process of and thought of how to organize a small pantry goes a lot easier with this.

Back of doors is a huge opportunity to store items

This is not something that most people think of. Usually, when someone has a door in their pantry, shelves are on the other side of it. If you give it some thought, there is no reason why the back of the door can not be used for this purpose as well. Need tips on organizing your pantry? You have to think outside of the box. Obviously, the classic way to organize a pantry is not working out and you need extra space. You can put adjustable shelf strips, store those pesky lid tops that do always seem to take more space then they need; or even put bags on the back of it to store small items. It’s one of the best home enhancement tips you can get. The options are limitless and can really help you save some space and keep everything you need.

Use turntables in tricky corners to utilize space when thinking of organization ideas for small pantries

Corners in a small pantry can really become a problem. They are weird, sometimes hard to reach and generally not practical if you want to maximize space. Using turntables in small corners is one of the best pantry space-saving tips you can get. And we’re experts, our moms say that at least. By using this, those items in corners that used to be hard to get are now history. You can just spin the turntable and it will be right there in front of you easy to access. When you think of how to fit everything in a small pantry, those corners do come to mind. No matter how organized the rest of the pantry is; they always remain that place you just can not reach it the way you want to. If you are in need of organization ideas for small pantries, turntables are definitely one of them.