Enhancing Your Home Cleaning Efforts With Robotic Vacuums

Keeping a clean home in today’s busy environment can be taxing for the average homeowner. Cleaning schedules allow people to be on top of their home maintenance duties, allotting time to clean certain portions of the home that are more prone to accumulating dirt and grime. Most homeowners do not have cleaning schedules that they are committed to, with the invention of robotic vacuums allowing homeowners to create and implement effective cleaning schedules at the tap of a few buttons. Robotic vacuums can be programmed to clean on a set schedule that the owner inputs into an Android or iOS app in addition to being ready to be summoned at random when a mess accrues!  More problematic areas of the home such as the kitchen or living room can be scheduled to clean on a more frequent basis, with the vacuums being able to be programmed to clean after dinner or other activities. Robotic vacuums are the latest gadgets in home automation technology and alleviate the stress of owning and maintaining the cleanliness of a home.

Many robotic vacuums have begun making their way on to the open market and automating the vacuuming process. One brand boasts the largest competitive advantage: Neato Robotics’ robotic vacuums. The devices have a “D” shape that allows the machine to access difficult corners that round-shaped competitors cannot. Neato’s machines come equipped with lidar technology that allows for the layout of a home to be mapped via emitting lasers that enable the robot to understand where obstacles such as walls or furniture are, thus disallowing the robot to get stuck. Neato’s product also specializes in vacuuming pet hair and allergens, keeping homes hair-free and efficiently cleaning the nearly 75 pounds of fur that a common breed such as a Labrador sheds per year! The devices also have a long battery life, vacuuming for up to 2 hours without having to recharge, and can autonomously return to their charging station without input from the homeowner. Propel your household into the future and purchase robotic vacuums to bolster your cleaning efforts in your home.