Check Out These Top Activity Bars In London

Going to activity bars that have games are the best places to celebrate your birthday. This is because you have the chance to drink some booze and play party games from your childhood. Not only that, but you are virtually guaranteed to win. With that said, here are the best activity bars located in London.

All Star Lanes in Shoreditch

We all love bowling, but it’s even more fun when you drink and play games. It gets even more fun when it’s combined with an American-style diner that serves tasty dishes such as prime beef steaks and fish finger sandwiches. If that didn’t sound fun enough, let the good times keep on rolling in the private karaoke booths or catch some live music in Shoreditch if listening rather than singing is more your thing! Oh, and another one not to be missed is Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. This place is so fun and has a retro look and feel. At any single time, you can book up to eight lanes.

Baranis in Temple

This is a basement cocktail bar that features a traditional menu that keeps things simple. Besides a great menu, you’ll find an indoor pétanque court, where the object of the game is to throw balls trying to land them closest to a wooden jack. As for lanes, there is only so it’s a good idea to cap rounds off at eight. Don’t worry though, eight rounds will go by fast!

Mac & Wild on Liverpool Street

This is a whisky bar that is stacked with over 200 different types of tipple, and there are bar snacks that you will love trying out. But, the best thing about this bar is the virtual shooting ranges. Do you want to hunt wild boar, deer and grouse, but not actually hunt them in real life? Well, if you do, then here’s your chance! How much are we talking about though? Expect to spend around £60 per hour but that is for up to 40 people.

Bar Kick in Shoreditch

This is a football inspired bar that has impressive menu options such as beer, wine, epicurean sandwiches and more. But, the most important thing they have is Foosball tournaments. You can play the game on one or two foosball tables or groups of between 10-35 are more then welcome to reserve areas.

The London Shuffle Club in Shoreditch

Shuffleboard was created back in the early 1500s, and it was so popular that even King Henry VIII played it. In fact, it was so popular and addictive that the government banned Shuffleboard in 1542 because the working masses found it too distracting. But now the game is back and people can play it for hours on end if they wish. If you have never played this game or you’re curious as to what it’s all about, then head on down to the London Shuffle Club. You’ll easily spend a good amount of time here.

Draughts Board Game Café in Haggerston or Waterloo

This is kind of a crowd-funded board game type of cafe, and it can be found either right beneath Waterloo station or in Hackney. This is where you’ll discover hundreds of games, not much in the way of ales, beers and wines, but a few homemade baked goods. So, what about the numbers? Up to eight people can be booked and that’s the maximum number of people that can be squeezed into a game.

Bounce in Holborn or Shoreditch

This is where you’ll find over a dozen ping-pong tables and a bar that’s 40-feet long. There are seasonal drinks that are served here, and there is a DJ booth, as well as a restaurant that overlooks everything. This is the place to be for fun, drinks and just to have a great time. You can book a couple of people or up to 500 people. In fact, feel free to book just a few tables or an entire room of tables. There’s no shortage of activity bars to check-out in London and these are just our top picks, click here to find even more bars with entertainment to discover.