Greener Pastures

Explaining To Your Friends That You Plan To Leave For Greener Pastures Soon

It is not easy letting go of your current job if you need to relocate to a different place. It is not only due to the difficulty of moving, but because of the people, you are going to leave behind. The most challenging part is to explain to your friends that you intend to leave soon. They were with you over the years, and you can’t leave them without letting them know why you decided to go.

Be honest about the reason

If you are going to leave because of a new job offer elsewhere, you need to tell them about it. You also need to explain to them if you have financial problems and you can only overcome them if you accept a higher paying job. They will understand whatever reasons you give them as long as they are reasonable.

It’s not about them

Some of your friends might feel bad that you are going to leave. They will think it is about them when it has nothing to do about your relationship with them. It might be difficult for you to leave because you value your friendship, and it’s hard to let go. Tell them that you are hesitant about leaving because you don’t want to say goodbye to them.

Plan ahead

It needs to be clear how you will maintain your friendship even if you’re far away. It will console your friends when they know that you can still remain connected with each other. If you are only a few hours’ drive away, you can tell them that you will plan to meet them regularly if you have the chance. Things might not be the same because of the distance, but your friendship doesn’t have to end.

Host a farewell party

You can formally say goodbye by hosting a party at your place or any other special place. Before you do so, you need to check if your friends are planning the same thing. They might also have secret plans to throw you a going away party. Say a few words during the party to thank everyone publicly and let them know that you will remain their friend.

Start packing your things

It is okay to be emotional because of this decision, but you need to leave at some point. Therefore, you need to start moving, or else you won’t settle in time for the commencement of your new job. You can check out house removals Cheltenham offer if you are moving to or from this city. You need help from moving experts to expedite the process and allow you to settle in soon.

It is going to be painful at first, and you might not know how you’re going to survive the new environment. You need to stay focused on the reason why you decided to leave. You can always meet your friends if you miss them or give them a call when you need someone to comfort you.