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The True Benefits Of Liquid Floor Screeding For Your Flooring Project

Liquid screed has gained a lot of ground with both business and residential property owners as well as building and construction specialists for many reasons. Unlike traditional screed, liquid floor screed is much more versatile and easier to install, but aside from this, it is also the ideal screeding solution for underfloor heating systems. Liquid screed is a combination or mixture of sand and calcium sulphate or cement, and whilst it was mostly used for larger industrial and commercial flooring projects in the past, many new build residential projects are taking advantage of liquid screeding today as well. But what else should you know about liquid floor screed, especially if you want your flooring project to be as long-lasting and efficient as possible? The following are the true benefits of liquid floor screeding for your flooring project.


Some consumers may think that liquid floor screeding is only suitable for some types of flooring, but this isn’t true at all. Liquid floor screed can be used for different floor finishes, including carpet, vinyl, timber or wood, laminate, sisal, and tile. Liquid screed works with all types of floor finishes, making it a highly versatile choice when it comes to screed. When you use liquid screed, no matter what type of flooring finish you have, you can be sure that it will be smooth and will last for a much longer time as well.

Better-looking (and safer) floors

As already mentioned, liquid screed results in ultra-smooth floors which can greatly contribute to the attractiveness and appeal of your property. You need not worry about any bumps or irregularities in your flooring, and your floors will be more even and safer as well. Of course, it is best for you to choose a well-experienced floor screeding contractor such as Liquidscreed.co.uk, so they will make sure that the screed is laid out as best as possible, and they can also conduct moisture testing as well as the removal of laitance.

The best solution for underfloor heating

One major reason why liquid screed has become an excellent choice in regards to screeding is that it is the most efficient solution if you have underfloor heating. Your underfloor heating system can be much more effective and efficient because the liquid screed can easily flow around the pipes or cables. With liquid screeding, your underfloor heating system can benefit from more efficient heat transference as well as the longer retention of heat in the area. Apart from this, liquid screed can also provide your underfloor heating system with a stronger protective cover or layer, and it can eliminate all gaps and spaces which could prevent heat from being transferred to the floor.

Easier and faster installation

Needless to say, liquid screed is also easier and faster to install compared to standard or traditional screed, and you don’t need a lot of manpower to lay it. Additionally, you don’t need much equipment or tools for it, either. Liquid screed is self-levelling, so you don’t need workers to be on their hands and knees making use of levelling boards – which you would definitely need for the installation of traditional screed.