Driver Training Licence

Tips to Prepare For the HGV Driver Training Licence


Just a little research into the requirements to become a professional HGV driver will show you just how much there is to know, how many tests there are to pass and what you need to do to qualify for your Class 2 HGV licence or CPC. But don’t let the sheer amount of information out there overwhelm you. The qualification process is basically split into two parts that can each be tackled separately. The first part is the theory that you will need to study in order to pass a written test. The second part focuses on the practical side of becoming an HGV driver.

Seeing that we have already provided substantial information and tips regarding the theory portion of the training, we’ll be looking at what you can expect from the practical test and how to pass it:

1. Back to Basics

The details are critical to passing your HGV practical test and having a good understanding and knowledge of the basics forms an essential part of the training programme. Even though these basics will be drilled into you until they become ingrained in your mind, it can be easy to forget them if they are not practiced regularly. So brush up on your basic driving skills and practice what you have learnt to keep it fresh in your mind. Remember that the smallest, most basic detail can mean the difference between passing and failing.

2. Health and Well Being

Get a good night’s rest and make sure that you have eaten before the test. Your overall health can affect how well you will perform on your test day. A healthy diet and exercise will ensure that you are in good physical health and that there aren’t any issues that may distract or inhibit your peak performance. Make sure that you are refreshed and have enough energy to see you through the test.

3. Get Comfortable

It is essential to be comfortable during a driving test. Don’t dress up for the occasion in clothing that is uncomfortable or will distract you. How you look will not affect the outcome of your driving test. Rather wear something comfortable that you can move in without inhibition. As part of your training, you will receive information on appropriate dress for a HGV driver and these are the types of clothing that you should wear for the test. Remember that comfortable shoes are an absolute must during training and when taking the practical driving test.

4. No Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents on the road and will prevent you from focusing on your driving during the test. Turn your mobile phone off and don’t be distracted by any other electronic devices. This is a good rule to stay safe on the road during your test and in the future as a licensed HGV driver.

5. Be Prepared

Getting through the HGV driver licence test should be a breeze if you have prepared yourself well in advance. Go over all your theory again, study the highway code and get behind the wheel as often as you can to improve your practical experience. Go through what you will be required to do during the test and practice these at the training grounds or testing area. If you know exactly what to expect, you will be more relaxed and you will be more likely to pass the test.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice, the better your driving skills will get and the more confident you will be behind the wheel. So practice as much as possible – especially the tricky manoeuvres that you may be struggling with. Your test will include accelerating, reversing and parking and these should be practiced in different scenarios until the are drummed into your head. If you are struggling with a specific manoeuvre, tell your training instructor so that they can focus on that area.

At The HGV Training Centre we understand how daunting the driving test can be and how overwhelming the preparation can seem. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are prepared for both the theory and practical HGV driving tests. To ensure that you get the best training and chance to succeed, simply give us a call.