The Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments provide a range of benefits whether you are travelling for pleasure or business, on your own, in a group or with your family.

Amount of Space

When you stay in a serviced apartment, such as those available from House of Fisher, you will have the space to work, relax, cook and sleep. On average, you will get 30% more space than going to a hotel. A typical one-bedroom serviced apartment will be double the size of an average hotel room.

Saving on Longer Stays

The price of a serviced apartment will generally be 20% less than hotel rates for a similar standard. These apartments will have no hidden costs such as room service and mini-bars. If you are staying for longer than 28 days, the VAT is also reduced to 4% helping you save more. Many apartment providers will accommodate long-term bookings Monday to Friday to meet the needs of corporate guests and will offer further savings.


Serviced apartments are usually located in the best areas. You will be able to find them in every major city across the world. They will also be found in the heart of tourist destinations and the most important business districts. The location of the apartments allows them to meet the needs of different consumers.


In a serviced apartment, you are free to come and go as you want which allows you to do everything on your own schedule. The facilities available in the apartment will allow you to cook when you want, work when you want and entertain guests when you want. You could even hold a business meeting in your private space as and when it suits you.

The Cooking and Washing Facilities

Having a kitchen is cost-effective and convenient. It also makes life easier when you have any special dietary requirements. Serviced apartments may have communal laundries, but many will have their own washer and dryer. This gives you the option of doing your laundry when it is convenient for you.

Additional Facilities

Many serviced apartments will have pools, gyms, restaurants, bars, and concierge services on offer. These facilities will often rival those offered by hotels. This makes serviced apartments a great alternative to hotels.

Additional Services

A lot of serviced apartments offer bespoke hampers and welcome packs when you arrive. They will also provide pre-selected goods for delivery which makes your first day easier. This can also help you save money as you will not be buying from a minibar and will get what you want and like.


Many people assume these apartments are boring box rooms, but this is not correct. There are a lot of different apartments available from luxury to budget with some plush interiors and quality furnishings. Apartments generally have fully equipped kitchens, high-quality towels, toiletries and bed linen. There are also first-class entertainment facilities on offer such as entertainment packages and Sky TV.

Getting Online

Serviced apartments will provide free wi-fi. This is different from hotels where you may have to pay extra for this connection.

Meeting Spaces

You are free to use the apartment to host small meetings for your business. There are some providers who have onsite meeting rooms you can use instead. They may also be able to help you book an appropriate space.

Easy to Book

Serviced apartments will often have their own online booking facilities. You can also book these apartments via online booking agents that you use for hotels.


If you want more privacy, serviced apartments are a good option. They bypass the formalities of hotels and will let you feel like you are at home. Reduced maid services can be used to keep the apartment clean, but you still get the privacy you want. Setting this schedule ensures you are not interrupted.


As serviced apartments are private and self-contained, they are also more secure. Many of the providers have 24-hour CCTV, security staff that are available all the time and secure entrances.

Home Away from Home

A serviced apartment will provide a home away from home experience while you are away. This will make any type of travel much easier to handle.