Different Types Of Docks

Different Types Of Docks

If you live on the water, whether it’s a lake, pond, or the ocean, you either own or are looking to purchase a boat. A boat allows you to enjoy all the fun a body of water can give you. Many like to keep their boat in the water though and must place some sort of dock in their part of the lake. Here are three of the most common types of docks many look at building.

Suspension Dock

While they are one of the most unique and interesting looking docks, suspension docks are often extremely expensive. They function much like suspension bridges do. The framework is made of metal and overhangs the water so that the dock can be raised or lowered according to when it is needed. It can also adjust its in-water position, depending on the water level at the time.

Floating Dock

Floating docks are some of the most common, inexpensive docks. They are formed through a series of anchored drums which then allows boards to be built on top of them. These are best used for small boats and watercraft. They are not the most stable docks as they have not been properly grounded. Once in the water though, they can be easily removed to be cleaned or kept intact during the winter months.

Piling Dock

Many think of a piling dock when associating a picture with the word, “dock.” They are built on frames that have been grounded deep into the water’s bottom surface. Their wooden beams create a more stable dock and allow for almost anyone to build one no matter their water’s position. They are the most common and can also hold boat dock ladders which many find important.

Having a boat allows you to experience numerous activities and adventures. Make sure you are taking care of your boat by giving it the right dock to drift at.