Tips On Hiring Plumbers In Perth

When you want to hire a plumber in Perth to complete works on your home or business, you want to be confident in your decision.

A plumber can do a number of tasks, and there is a difference between choosing a plumbing contractor, and choosing a licensed plumber.

What exactly does a plumber do?

A reputable plumber in Perth will be skilled to perform these types of tasks:

  • Gas or Hot water connections
  • Sort out issues with drainage
  • Fix leaks from pipes or toilets
  • Reticulation repairs
  • Perform works involving gas and water in renovations
  • Provide plumbing services for property managers
  • Identify water or gas leaks, and work to resolve them.

It is important to choose someone who has experience with your area, and your type of property.  The plumbing issues of a Perth Hills property might be different from the issues of coastal properties. residential plumbing 

Whether you are a business or a resident, you want to be confident in partnering with someone who can handle any plumbing requirements, Plumbing contractors.

How to hire a plumber in Perth

Consider your expectations and requirements with budget, timeline & experience.

Think about the types of work, and your type of property, and the complexity of the works involved.

If you are renovating an older Perth home, does your plumber have experience in this area?

Likewise, if you are completing a commercial project and need to ensure that water is connected in the right spaces, does the plumber have a good portfolio of work that gives you confidence?

As well as a good plumber you also need good supplies to ensure there is no water leakage so for the best supplies visit: octg manufacturers

What is their reputation around Perth like?

Word of mouth and google reviews are both powerful reviews.  Be sure that whoever you are getting a recommendation from has the same definitions of quality, professionalism and experience as you.

Ask what they were like when they were on-site, what their knowledge was like, and whether there were any problems and how they were handled.

What’s your first impression with their customer service?

Good customer service indicates a good business foundation.  A plumber who is easy to reach, is polite, courteous and listens to your concerns, and is clear when communicating what is included and excluded in any quote will give you confidence that they will be a good partner for your project.

Do they have the right licenses and insurance for the works you need them to perform?

A licensed plumber is different to a plumbing contractor.  There is a governing body in WA that manages licensing, so it’s always good to do your due diligence and check that everything is current.

They will have their numbers on quotes, invoices, business cards.  Standards are set out, and professionals will tick the compliance boxes.

Ask about their insurances, too, so that you have peace of mind throughout your project.

How long have they been operating in Perth?

Experience can give you confidence that you are dealing with a professional business who not only knows the area in which you live, and the little quirks of different suburbs, but it will also indicate that they really love what they do, and take pride in working with their customers.Fo

Now you know what to look for, get set to find the right team to work with on your plumbing project!