Applications for Using Porcelain in Your Homes Interior

When you think of porcelain applications within your home, your bathroom is likely one of the first places that come to mind that would host this material. Rightfully so, because porcelain is highly desirable in bathroom floor tiling, shower tiles, bathtubs, and even fixtures. However, the use of porcelain spans vastly beyond the bathroom and across the home. For example, it is used to create things such as plates, teacups, statues, and figurines. In fact, this is what the Chinese used porcelain for over 2,000 years ago during the Eastern Han and Tang Dynasty’s.

In the Bathroom

Porcelain is known to be an exceptionally strong, non-porous, bright white material that is extremely resistant to thermal shock and typical bathroom chemicals. Because of this history, porcelain is highly sought out and is known to add value to bathrooms better than other materials, such as ceramic.

There are significant benefits to porcelain over alternative material. Bathtubs are a great example because porcelain is a far more durable, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant material. In comparison to acrylic, is more prone to scratches, and has a lower life expectancy. Both materials can be repaired, but a porcelain bathtub is known to carry more prestige and durability, so it is less likely that damages will occur. Another fantastic use of porcelain in the bathroom is for fixtures, such as your sink, shower, and bathtub, illuminating a great aesthetic appeal.

In the Kitchen

For many of the same reasons to have porcelain in your bathroom, it is also applicable to the kitchen. The staple countertop that everyone seemed to strive for at one point in time was granite, but you may be surprised to hear that porcelain countertops are starting to pick up in popularity.

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It is likely not what you are imaging, bathroom floor tiles on your kitchen counter. Instead, porcelain slabs are being manufactured to look like marble, granite, linen, wood, just about any material you can imagine. What is even more attractive is that none of the required maintenance or usage restrictions exist with this material. For instance, porcelain can be used outside as well because it is both frost and heat tolerant.

Where Else Is Porcelain Desirable?

In simple terms, art and decor. There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to creativity and decorating your home, which renders your entire home a blank canvas. Of course, you can have typical fancy porcelain China, but something more natural-looking like porcelain flowers, animals, and figurines for your living room or dining area. You can find some absolutely stunning and unique work that will fit the style of any room and bring it to life.


The final word on porcelain, it is not that much more expensive than competing materials such as ceramic or acrylic. This, of course, depends on the level of quality and whether or not the product was hand made. Porcelain is easy to clean and care for, affordable compared to other materials, and looks incredibly beautiful in all locations of your home.