The 5 Uses For Hex Keys That Time Forgot

The 5 Uses For Hex Keys That Time Forgot

Hex keys, or allen keys if you prefer, are well known to be vital in flat pack furniture construction but there are so many other uses that these tools can cater for some more widespread than others. The use of this tool is ever increasing in modern times and we will explore how you can best utilise these trade tools here.

Any Type Of Vehicle

Hex keys are vital to vehicles due to their small internal spaces and the compact design of the hex key. Wherever another fastener type feels unnecessary or impractical, there will be a hex screw in place. Regardless of whether you’re a mechanic or a less knowledgeable road user a hex key is a necessary tool to access many areas of your car including under the seats and around the centre console. T-handle hex keys are recommended for use in cars as they allow versatility and add power.

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Any cyclist will know that hex keys are one of the most used tools when it comes to repairing or putting together a bike. As most fittings on one bike are the same size, one hex key can be carried around with a cyclist for urgent repairs while on the road. If you are regular, committed cyclist you may require the use of folding hex keys which are even smaller and more portable.

Your Other Tools!

Other tools are also often kept maintained by hex keys. For example, many drill bits require the use of a hex key to safely secure the bit to the drill. Many power tools also require the use of hex keys including power saws to make adjustments to blades. Power tools that use hex keys rely on the smallest versions. Many other power tools also have elements, whether this is during the assembly process or when repairing or altering settings.

Furniture Repair

Hex keys often come with furniture that you have to put together yourself as they are often an essential tool to secure the joints of the furniture. One standard fitting allows less confusion for the less DIY-minded of us. The tight spaces within some pieces of furniture are also a reason why this compact tool is the one of choice and have been for over 20 years now.

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Everything Electrical

Modern computer technology and electrical items have increased their use of hex keys over the years due to many devices ever shrinking size. The compact design of a hex key allows their use in smaller spaces. Most televisions and monitors are affixed to their stands with them, among many other uses within the hardware.