What Type Of Pool Cleaner Is Right For You?

What Type Of Pool Cleaner Is Right For You?

If you’re looking at investing in a pool cleaner, it is important to find the right one to suit your pool. Whether your pool is used for swimming or as a hub for entertaining your family and friends, you need to ensure your pool cleaner suits your lifestyle.

Remember, if you are not currently investing in a professional pool cleaning service, your pool can become unwieldy to maintain, and could in the long run lead to issues with algae and become an unpleasant breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Which pool cleaner will be your next major purchase for your pool, hot tub or spa? Remember, the three most common types of vacuum pool cleaner that are on the market today are: suction, pressure and robotic, as well as other options such as manual cleaning. Please read on as we deconstruct which pool cleaning method is the right one for your home.

Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning is a far more time-consuming activity than its vacuum counterparts. Using brushes or skimmers and scrub brushes that are attached to a telescoping pole to allow better access to the pool’s deepest recesses.

Manual cleaning is a method that enables you to scrape the sides and bottom of a deep pool and sweep off algae that it’s starting to turn either yellow or green. It might be a very therapeutic past time that can be relatively cost-effective, but it is one hell of an upper-body workout.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaning

A handheld vacuum cleaner does not have any mechanical parts and it is a very inexpensive way to improve the filtration system of your pool.

The handheld vacuum is operated by manoeuvring it across the surface of the pool, in the exact same manner that someone can vacuum their kitchen floor. Although it is an excellent method for cleaning, it can be cumbersome for larger pools, which in fact may take several hours. Backwashing the filter can add more time to this chore.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are also referred to as suction-side cleaners. They connect to the filtration system’s water intake and utilise the suction power of the pool pump to collect any debris.

Suction-side pool cleaners only work if the pool pump is running during the clean, which means they tend to use more electricity than other forms of pool cleaners. Suction pool cleaners require filter cleaning on a more frequent basis.

Suction pool cleaners are a great option for pools that have existing pumps and filter that are in good working order. On the downside, you will need to clean and backwash your filters more frequently because there is more than the average amount of dirt being added to the filter.

Robotic Pool Cleaners 

A robotic or automatic pool vacuum cleaner is perhaps one of the most popular types of cleaners, one which powers independently of the circulation system of your pool. They are best suited for above-ground pools which aren’t equipped with skimmer baskets.

Robotic pool cleaners are the most energy-efficient form of vacuum on the market They are

self-contained units with a built-in filter and motor, and they are also able to grab the smallest particles from every single type of pool surface. Some robotic cleaners come equipped with extra features such as four-wheel drives and remote controls for spot cleaning.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

This type of cleaner is also known as a pressure-side cleaner. They use the pump’s power to accelerate their movement along the surfaces of the pool. They are an excellent solution for pools which have a larger amount of debris and dirt.

Pressure pool cleaners operate independently using their own power, free from the swimming pool circulation system. Pressure pool cleaners that are mounted on wheels are easy to move around, and don’t scrub the surface of the pool in the same manner that some contact-type cleaners can.

Pressure pool cleaners are extremely convenient, as they come equipped with their own filter bags. With an additional booster pump, this type of cleaner can be extremely powerful.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Some of the more luxurious, in-ground swimming pools are already equipped with their own in-floor automatic vacuum systems that are installed as the pool is being built. They are a great solution for in-ground swimming pools in their initial planning stages, and for those with strained budgets. Some owners have in-floor cleaners without even knowing they have in-floor cleaning systems!

During the construction process, jets are built into the bottom of the swimming pool which connect to its return line. When the whole system is turned on, there will be heads which pop up with a booster pump that generates a high-pressure stream of water.

A strong current is produced as the water moves along the pool’s floor, and dirt and debris and forced toward the main drains. The main pump siphons the debris out of the pool and it is transported to the filtering system.

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