Massage Therapy

Benefits Of Having Sports Massage Therapy

What Is Sports Massage?

It is a massage therapy utilising deep tissue techniques to reduce muscle tension, pain and discomfort. Athletes are the main benefactors of sports massage but it’s not restricted to sports people only. Deep tissue massages from a healthcare clinic can be used to treat various conditions such as;

• Headaches

• Postural related pain

• Muscular and joint injuries like strains and sprains

• Whiplash

• Repetitive strain injuries

• Golfers and tennis elbow

Back pain

The techniques used in sports massage are very fast and include stretches and compressions. The massage therapist in this case relies on deep tissue techniques during the treatment such as friction techniques, longitudinal stripping, muscle energy techniques like PNF stretching, tapotement, trigger point compression and active movement.

All these techniques warm up the muscles and increase local blood circulation to reduce the tension in the muscles. Sports massage therapy is mostly tailored to athletes who are about to compete in various events or those who have finished their events. Also, it can be used to treat discomfort or pain in the muscles thereby promoting psychological and physiological benefits.

Benefits Of Therapeutic Sports Massage

These include:

• Overall reduction of pain, tension and discomfort in the muscles.

• Improved range of motion thereby improving overall performance.

• Reduced stiffness in the muscles or soreness especially after any physical activity such as exercise.

• Reduced recovery time for injuries.

• Improved relaxation and overall reduction in psychological and physical stress levels.

• Improved quality and quantity of sleep.

These benefits come up because of increased local blood circulation that flushes out the waste products and chemical products stored in the muscle. Fresh blood flow also improves the levels of oxygen and nutrients inside the muscles. It improves muscle repair thereby reducing overall muscle tension.

Compression techniques also improve nerve reflexes and blood flow in the muscle. It happens when the muscles are stimulated thereby causing a relaxation effect. A tight muscle usually irritates the nerve receptors found in the muscle thereby causing pain and discomfort. As such, reducing tension in the muscles will reduce nerve irritation as well as overall pain and discomfort in the muscles.

Note that, reducing tension in your muscles increases blood flow which also improves movement in the joints. Athletes can enjoy improved range of movement thereby improving their sports performance and reducing the rates of injury. After an event, athletes should receive the proper treatment to reduce the recovery time by improving circulation. It also reduces the concentration of waste products in the muscles and increases oxygen and nutrient levels in the muscles.

It might be a placebo effect after having a massage, especially when you think that you should experience something. However, massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. That’s because you have reduced physical pain and any muscular tension. It’s the best way to enjoy quality sleep for longer periods. You will always wake up rejuvenated after a long sleep, especially after having massage therapy.

Sports massage therapy is very important to athletes, especially for their performance. They can enjoy their favourite sports without injuries and reduced recovery times in the event of an injury. Even better, the improvement in the range of motions helps their overall performance. However, sports massage therapy should not be limited to the athletes. It can be used by anyone looking to enjoy these and many more benefits. In simple words, massage therapy should always be a part of your life so consider doing it today. It will improve your overall blood circulation and reduce any tension in your muscles effectively.