Taking Care

Checklist For Taking Care Of Your Home

Below is an easy way to make sure you are on top of your home maintenance checklist. This is not going to be hard because it will be just one step at a time,

The little steps are going to add up pretty fast. If you set aside some time for home maintenance – this can be an hour or two a week, an afternoon once a month, and a few days of the year – then you will have a home in tiptop shape all year round.

The checklist below is easy to follow

Weekly Home Maintenance

The features of your home are going to determine the weekly home maintenance rituals, but it may include these tasks:

Vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. If you have hardwood flooring in your home, then you need to use a large dust-mop to give it a good once-over.

Doing bathroom maintenance. What we are focusing on here is doing the smaller chunks, here are some of the examples:

Picking the drain used by someone with long hair and cleaning it out.

Taking some time to repair the tile grout damaged in your tub or shower.

Cleaning the inside and outside of your appliances once a week. This doesn’t mean cleaning all your appliances on the same day every week. It means if this week you are cleaning the dishwasher, the next week will be for cleaning your fridge, and cleaning the dryer the week after.

Monthly Home Maintenance

This covers some of those projects you always know need to be done but not doing. Just pick one afternoon then start doing them.

You may be cleaning your furnace filter, and replacing it if need be. This will make sure the furnace runs efficiently, which will also help you keep down your utility bills. Polishing wood furniture, wiping down baseboard, and dusting light fixtures.

Ensure both the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working the way they should and whether the batteries need to be replaced. You should also make sure your fire extinguisher is fully charged. You should also check your electric central heating system if you have one.

Carefully check the outside of the house to see if there are issues and problems like damaged siding, loose shingles, overgrown trees, insect nests, etc. Note down any problems so it can be addressed.

Yearly Home Maintenance

This covers the bigger tasks that you are going to take once every year:

Cleaning and organising your basement, garage, and attic: Everyone dreads doing this maintenance task, but you are going to feel amazing when you are done. You might come across some treasures that you had forgotten about, then you can sell them online or donate to charity.

Wash your windows and window screens so the sunshine can enter your home. While most people choose to do it in the spring, any time of the year is good.

You should choose one major outdoor improvement project every year, then focus on it for a day or two for completing it. You can decide to refinish a large composite decking, install a fence, install raised garden beds, patch up the concrete or asphalt driveway, etc.

Some other things to do include checking under the eaves, cleaning out the gutters, removing shrubs and trees encroaching the house, installing wire grates that are going to help in keeping pests out.

Freshening up one room in the house. You should choose one room in your home so you can give it a small makeover. You can switch curtains, repaint it, add plants and decorations to give it a new look, and move the furniture. When you do this to one room every year, you will be able to transform the entire house without much stress.