What Are The Various Types Of Farm Sheds?

c Farms sheds are usually constructed with a specific purpose in mind, such as machinery storage, workshops, feed storage and animal shelters. Often farms will have a number of different sheds that serve different purposes. However, sometimes farm sheds are built with large open spaces to serve multiple purposes.

Open Front Farm Sheds

Open front sheds are a popular choice on many farm properties. Hay is widely used on many farms and needs to be carefully stored. Open front sheds are the perfect solution for hay storage. Open front farm sheds protect valuable hay stock from weather damage while allowing good ventilation. These types of sheds also provide excellent access due to their large bays for moving large amounts of hay either in or out.

Machinery Sheds

Open front farm sheds are handy for more than just hay storage. With large open access they are the perfect place to store large farm machinery and provide protection from the elements. Machinery sheds need to be quite large in size, with enough space for storing machinery and other equipment. If you have a large farm that uses machinery, a dedicated machinery shed is a must. These large and spacious sheds allow ease for storing tractors and other machinery.

Fertiliser Or Grain Sheds

Storing grain and fertiliser properly is essential to maintain the longevity of the products. These products hold a lot of value on farm properties, so it’s crucial that they are kept in good condition. Farm sheds provide spacious storage solutions for grain and fertiliser stock. These sheds can be constructed with high ceiling and wide clearances to make movement of large items in and out easier.


Some rural properties need a good workshop. A dedicated workshop shed will provide an area to organise tools and equipment while providing a comfortable environment to complete work. Workshops can be designed in almost any way to suit the purpose of the shed. With a few accessories, you can create the perfect farm workshop.

General Storage

Farms sheds also provide storage solutions for livestock feed and can be a temporary shelter for animals. Storage is crucial on farms, and farm sheds are made to withstand Australia’s harshest weather and conditions. Storage sheds can be customised to suit a number of purposes and are ideal to store expensive equipment safely and securely.

Farm sheds have come a long way over time. Originally, they were simple structures used for livestock and storage. However, today, farm sheds have become much more complex and can be designed to suit a number of needs. They are strong and durable for their uses. Farm sheds can be customised for a variety of purposes and tastes, with accessories such as sliding doors, open and closed bays, roller doors, windows and ventilation. With sturdy steel construction, farm sheds are the perfect solution for any rural property.