Weight Bearing Capacity Of 2 By 4 Wood

Wood has been used as a building material for decades. The modern civilization has exchanged these vintage materials with aluminum and other materials. But the advantages of using wood as a building material cannot be denied.

Advantages of Using Wood as A Building Material

The strength as well as resistance that wood offers is unmatchable. When it comes to self-support length then it is quite astonishing that wood surpasses steel. Wood is naturally induced with the quality of electrical as well heat resistance. Due to this very fact, wooden houses stay warm in winter and cool in summers.

Wood reduces noise levels as it is a good sound absorber. It makes it ideal for the echo resistance. Woodwork adds to the beauty of the place you live in and the remarkable range of types of wood provided in the market, you can choose the prime and the suitable one.

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Load Bearing Capacities Are Dependent

The load bearing abilities of wood vary from different types and sizes of woods. The ability of a log and a piece of board to hold weight vary. The length of the piece of wood also makes the load bearing capacity vary. The quality of wood determines the strength as well as everything else you wish to know about the wood. The duration for which a 2*4 wood can bear weight also needs to be calculated. The type of wood used also makes the weight bearing capacity variable. Such as the pine wood used in the market comes in different types. Slash pine is the best kind of pine used. It has the most weight bearing capacity.

In comparison to this, white pine is very weak and holds less weight comparably. The length of a 2*4 wood is about 20 feet. It does not sag upto 10 feet but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stay upright. It can easily hold upto 500 pounds of weight. Now if you choose the right kind of wood, it can easily hold weight. If details are considered, then wood can bear weight differently in case of its alignment. This means that if it lies horizontally and vertically its bearing capacity may vary from 1000 pounds to 200 pounds. Similarly, the wind pressure also varies and makes the bearing capacity also variable. The wind pressure if increased then it makes the wood load bearing capacity increased. Similarly, when wood is not facing wind pressure, its weight bearing capacity increases. For detailed explanation, click here .