How Enclosed Storage Units Reduce Crime

How Enclosed Storage Units Reduce Crime

Enclosed storage units are a must-have if you live in a multifamily apartment complex. Although some property owners may believe that they are cutting costs not by providing storage units, there is definitely an argument against this. Having a safe, secure place to store excess belongings is not only crucial for the well-being of tenants but affordable for property owners as well. All they need to do is take the time to search for viable solutions and put a plan into action. Having enclosed storage areas is a way to reduce crime and keep communities safer. 

Items In Plain Sight Attract Attention

Many times when an apartment building fails to provide an adequate storage solution the tenants either store excess belongings within their own parking space. Another popular option that is widely used is wire mesh. Both of these methods cause the same kind of problem. They allow the personal property of tenants to be in full view of anybody that walks by. Many thieves are criminals of opportunity. This means that when they see something of value that is easy to steal they pay attention to it. Although it could be considered foolish for a person to leave anything of value in the general view of a common area, what if they have no choice? A bike, or a musical instrument that is too big and bulky to fit in the apartment, or the trunk of a car. Whatever the case, thieves are drawn to things they can steal and to places that allow them to do so. If an apartment building is an easy target for theft, thieves will be drawn to it.

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Enclosed Storage Bins are a Solution

An enclosed storage bin will keep the contents inside of it hidden from view. The bins are constructed with heavy-duty materials that can not be seen through. When there are no personal belongings to visually pilfer through, there will be no crimes of opportunity. Breaking into a storage unit would be hard work for somebody, and if they don’t know whether or not anything of value is inside of it, why would they do it? 

Storage Bins Can Be Sized to Fit Almost Anywhere

When it comes to building and installing a secure storage solution it is a much more simple project then one would think. If you are picturing a large storage facility with big units sprawled across a couple of acres, you’re picturing it wrong. Imagine smaller storage lockers similar to a large indoor storage facility, but able to fit into the parking area of a multifamily living complex. Bradyl Storage Solutions builds and installs customizable storage units that will fit in most apartment buildings. With a little bit of planning, any building can transform their resident storage spaces from an open invitation for crime, to a nice-looking, secure space for families.

Add Value to a Building

What property owner does not want to add value to the property they own without losing money in the process? Adding enclosed storage bins for the tenants to use would create an opportunity to give the place a nice, clean look. This would also propose an extra flow of revenue from the people who would be willing to pay more for a great, safe storage solution. By adding storage bins to the apartment building it would lower the crime rate, create extra revenue, and make the place look much better. Why would anybody not consider putting this plan into action? If you would like to learn more about how installing an enclosed storage solution would bring you great benefits, visit the Bradyl website and get in touch. We would be glad to help you the same way we have helped many other property owners across the country.