How Mini Excavators Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Around The Home

How Mini Excavators Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Around The Home

The mini excavator is a compact version of the excavator and is an ideal machine to help out on those labour intensive and confined spaced jobs.

Mini excavators are now being used more frequently around the home than ever before.

The availability of such machinery makes the familiar and somewhat back-breaking chores a thing of the past. The homeowner is now using these versatile machines to the max on many a DIY project.

The mini excavator is a very diverse machine which has a comprehensive range of jobs, from the traditional digging of trenches for home improvement projects to providing the muscle to assist with the demolition and removal of small outbuildings.

The mini excavator makes short work of many jobs and saves time and money with everything you chose it to do.

Typical uses for mini excavators:

  • Digging of trenches for irrigation
  • Demolition of small outbuildings
  • Landscaping
  • Removal of heavy objects
  • Digging holes for pools and hot tubs
  • Underground repairs
  • Installing water features
  • Patio installation

Things to know before using a mini excavator

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When you hire a mini excavator for the first time, and you intend to operate it yourself, you’ll be required to complete formal training. Like any other plant machinery, these vehicles can be dangerous without proper schooling.

The inductions typically take between 1 and 3 days, depending on the individual, and cost around $1500. If you plan to do extensive work on your property over an expansive time scale then this would be your best option.

You can alternatively hire a driver if this does not appeal to you, or the project in hand is small. Please make sure anyone you employ has the correct credentials.

Tips for operating a mini excavator

If you have decided to operate a mini excavator yourself, read below to find some constructive tips. These points will help ensure your task goes without any hitches. Your excavator hire company can also assist you with proper advice when you pick up your machinery, or if having it delivered mention to them beforehand you need some basic training.

  • Before commencing work that involves the use of the mini excavator, have a plan in mind and make sure other trades on-site know your plan too. If your first aim is to start digging, you may want to map out where the spoil is going to be placed.
  • Test out your mini excavator on an even surface to give yourself a feel for the balance of the excavator and check for any damage or defects to the controls.
  • If you are trying to dig a trench that needs to be level, then ensure the machine is level first.
  • Do not operate too close to the edge of trenches where the soil is soft and unstable.
  • Always pay attention to people and other vehicles around you and never swing a bucket over them, loaded or otherwise.
  • Using a mini excavator saves time and money, but this should never be at the expense of safety. Remember to always check thoroughly for underground cables and pipework and any overhead obstacles.