6 Simple Steps To Help With Hoarding


Hoarding happens to the best of us and isn’t something that you should feel ashamed of. What you should remember is that the habit of hoarding is not as tough to get rid of compared to other addictions. Have confidence when approaching this nasty habit and keep your spirits up. Here are some simple steps to help you with breaking that hoarding habit.

Get Into The Mindset Of Not Caring About The Items

The first step to stop hoarding is getting out of the mindset that got you there in the first place. Whether you believe that items have more value than they actually do, potential that could be made, or something else, these ideas are the first thing you need to break. Keep in your mind that what you will be throwing out are just objects, nothing more. They don’t have sentience nor will they care so don’t even consider it for a second. Just think about how clean and empty your place will be when all these unwanted items are gone.

Start Sorting and Moving Items Around For Maneuvering

Clutter in the working area also means clutter in the mind. After getting into the right mindset you next need to get into the right work area, so start begging to create walking area and locations designated for sorting. Whether you want to have one room that contains all the potential trash so that you can sort into single big piles or if you want to break down each room separately, you should begin piling the unwanted items into categorized piles. Try to also make it easy for you to walk around as the last thing you want is to fall over and potentially cut or hurt yourself.

Separate Into Piles Of Daily/Weekly Use And Never Used

Start creating piles with the concept of items that get used often, items that are used very rarely and items that are collectibles/nostalgia. Items that you use daily are most likely good to keep as they show their use, while on the other hand items that are not used often need to be categorised further. For the most part, you are mostly separating what you should keep, what you don’t need and what you are unsure about. In the end, hopefully, the pile that you plan to keep is much smaller than the original pile size.

Hide The Unsure Products Away For A While

What to do with the pile you are unsure about? Keep it somewhere where your eyes won’t see it for a few days. After the days have past go ahead and look through the pile and see if your opinion has changed.

Use A Skip And Get Rid Of Most Of Your Trash

By this point you should have two piles, one for items you plan to keep and another for the trash you are ready to throw out. The trash pile is probably pretty large and a normal bin won’t be able to handle it. While you have the enthusiasm to change your living area for the better, why not consider a skip bin hire so that you can get rid of everything at once.

Skips are perfect for large projects that require efficient waste disposal in Perth, so even if you haven’t gotten to separating the piles maybe order it early so that it’ll be ready when you are done.

Keep The Mindset Of Not Needing More Items

You have passed the hard part but don’t think that your hoarding habit is gone by this point. Although the objects are gone that won’t matter unless the mentality is gone as well. Before you buy an item, accept a free offering or are given an object as a gift make sure to ask yourself if you really need it. Unless you can clearly picture a good use case in mind that is relevant and won’t be far off time-wise, then only then you should consider not holding onto it for too long.