Ingenious Idea: Above Car Storage Units

Ingenious Idea: Above Car Storage Units

Above-car storage units are becoming pretty popular these days. Long gone are the times when tenants store their stuff in the parking area unprotected and uncovered. Who would have thought that such a simple idea would turn out to be such a great thing? They are compact, easy to install, yet have enough room to store even a bicycle. Some of the things they have to offer are:

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Space
  • Aesthetics
  • Value
  • Revenue Generation

Great Value

One of the greatest assets a product can bring to the table is value. For both the landlord and the tenant of an apartment building there is great value in the storage unit that fits right over the top of a vehicle. In most cases, the space is already available and just waiting to be put to good use. Without the vehicle storage in place, all that is there is a blank wall and empty space. The vehicles park there anyway, so why not use that extra space to allow for parking and secured storage at the same time?

Storage Space

The amount of storage space that one of these bins has to offer is impressive. There is enough room to store a bike, and even a few big boxes or tubs. Alt together there is over 80 cubic feet of space in each box. Many tenants have been known to claim that having a safe and secure place to store things is a very valuable amenity. This means that they would be willing to pay more just to have some extra storage space.

People Want Storage

In an apartment building where there is a lot of traffic and movement constantly buzzing around people would rather feel safe about their things than to worry about whether or not they are safe. Things that are stored out in the open, or in places where everybody can plainly see them are vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Many thieves are opportunists and when they get an opportunity to get something valuable without having to do much work to get it they jump on it. If the tenant’s belongings are safely tucked away in a private, enclosed storage bin that is locked and secured they worry less about it. They can sleep better at night.

They Look Great

One of the awesome things about these storage boxes is that they can be installed individually, and don’t have to be part of a set. Whether they are standing side by side, or alone they look nice, neat, and great. They are a huge contrast to wire bins or piles of stuff on the ground. Just by installing some of them, a whole building can look a million times better.

Generate Revenue

Probably the best part of these amazing creations is that they have the potential to bring in a whole other level of income. Any landlord with even a small understanding of how money works can see that the growing demand for secure storage solutions is like a one-way ticket to the top by way of a rocketship. By adding a small percentage increase to the monthly rent, or providing an option to pay a small amount extra each month for storage the capacity for earnings becomes unfathomable. Find out how you can get in on this opportunity and visit today.