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A fun addition for your garden shed

Turn your garden shed into a creative corner for gaining the appreciation of your guest and most importantly for you to have a quality time while in your garden. By spending a little time and money you can convert it into the most useful space of your house. Midland Sheds and Summerhouses have the quality products to make your dream come true and have the best creative space for you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Keep reading to find some of the unique ideas of fun addition for your garden shed –

Summer Shed

Who would not love to have a day out from the routine? Turn your garden shed into a beautiful summer house that provides you with perfect outdoor retreatment – for that relaxation, comfort and alone time that you crave for when tied up with the everyday life. Comfortable seating, cushions, coffee tables and books could be a great add-on in your summer house.

Game Zone

Convert your garden shed into a gaming space by the addition of the board games, card games, and a similar one to spend time with your friends during the evening time. The shed can be converted to a dedicated room that is well-decorated with wooden interior and adding extra lighting to create a greater ambience. Add a lot of storage space to store your needs.

Dancing Room

Who would not like to have room for dancing? It would be one of the best ideas to make your friends stay longer on a Friday night at your place where you can groove. Plugin some speaker, a disco ball, lighting effect and convert your unused garden shed to a dance floor.

Hosting Room

Are you trying to host a dinner party uniquely? Consider converting the garden shed to a hosting room to have your loved ones enjoy your food and drinks. Add some tables, sofas and cooking appliances, and decorate the space as you wish to host a customised dinner hosting space that everyone will love.

garden shed

Smoke Hut

When you are cooking and want to take it to the next level – think of your garden shed to be converted to the smoking hut. You may smoke your fish and bacon and add an entirely new dimension to your food yet keep away the wafting smell from your home.

Pub Shed

Doesn’t garden bar sound pretty good? Arrange the tables, stools, Television, the speakers and the bar essentials to create a pub effect. We bet, it could be the most use weekend area at your house especially by the bachelors.

Plant Pot Shed

If you are someone who loves to spend your time with plants but have limited space in your garden, use the garden shed to plant the pot you want. When the plants start to blossom, you are definite to feel much happier.


Transform your garden shed into the farmhouse for your animals to stay calm. The garden shed turned to the farmhouse will provide them with the security and comfort, and you can stop them from running around in the garden or you chasing around them.

Midland Sheds and Summerhouses offer the quality materials for the construction of the summer houses and garden sheds, to have an enjoyable outdoor day. With the years of craftsmen experience, we will help to build the unique garden shed conversion just the way you wish. Contact Midland Sheds and Summerhouses today for more details.