Wire Mesh Storage

4 Wire Mesh Storage Unit Downfalls

Although a wire mesh storage unit may sound like a good idea because of pricing and the supposed ease of installation, it has a few downfalls. If you are a property owner who is considering placing wire mesh storage boxes in the complex, just take a few minutes to see how a secure storage bin solution could be a better choice.

1 No Security With Wire Mesh Storage

Wire mesh storage bins are made out of the same material as a chain-link fence. Yes, the wires are strong and durable, but they are easily cut. Whenever a thief wants to break into a wire mesh bin, all they have to do is bring along a good set of wire cutters or some bolt cutters, and they will quickly turn the bin wall into a doorway. Since anybody can see what is inside of them whenever they walk by, thieves can easily target what bins they want and come back when it is a better time to break in. In this scenario, not only do the thieves get to have a menu of places to steal from, they keep coming back and stealing again and again.

2 No Privacy With Wire Mesh Storage

The first thing that people see when they look at wire mesh storage boxes is what is inside of them. There is absolutely no privacy within a box made of see-through mesh. Every passerby that comes near the storage units will be able to see everything that is inside each one of them. Although some tenants may be able to cover their belongings under a tarp, onlookers can still see that there is something inside of the bin that could be worth stealing.

3 Wire Mesh Storage Units Look Bad

Since everything is visible within the storage unit, whatever is there will be available for all to see; the good, the bad, and the ugly. All the belongings that have been stuffed away by the tenant will be right there in the midst of everything. A chain-link wall with a pile of junk behind it looks pretty bad. It is bad enough that the storage units look like holding cells for farm animals; it’s even worse that some of them are stuffed with unwanted Holiday ornaments and 14-year-old science projects from high school. We won’t even mention the dust.

4 Wire Mesh Storage Units Don’t  Provide Incentive

Wire mesh storage does not typically inspire tenants to pay a higher fee just to have it. In fact, a recent study showed that the tenants of multi-family apartment buildings would prefer having a secure storage solution over wire mesh storage units. It seems like the majority of people that live in apartment complexes would rather have privacy, security, and a nice looking place to live. The study also concluded that most of these tenants would be willing to pay a little more money each month in order to have an on-site storage solution that was solid and secure.

Look to Sensible Storage Solutions

If you are going to install storage bins in an apartment community, you may as well do it in a way that will generate extra revenue and provide security. Wire mesh cages are not an ideal solution for storage. They lack in security and privacy. Take a moment to consider your options before you make the mistake of “investing” in wire cages for your tenants.