Building Extension Plans: What You Need To Know

If you are thinking of extending your house, then this is what you need to know. Extending your home is one of the best things that can be done because you get more space for your family. This is one of the major home improvement projects you can ever take as building extensions can add value to your home and it can make moving to your property easier down the line.

If you are looking to reconfigure your present downstairs or if you want to add a two-storeyed extension or build an office adjoint your house, whatever may be your design intention, building an extension plan needs careful attention and planning before you get into it. From setting a budget goal to the legalities of the extension, there are quite a lot of things that need to be considered.

Big or Small

There are people who can help you out in building house extensions. They are experts in the field. Sometimes small extensions to your house can create a feeling of large space better than large extensions. This can be achieved by cleverly designing the extension plan. Often the way to creating more space depends, not only on creating new space but wisely using the space that is already there.

Large house extensions plans are mostly done when you need to add a room like an office, kitchen, widening your master bedroom, adding single or two storeys to your house. To get the right plan for your house, you need to know about the different kinds of home extensions.

Kinds of building a house extension

Whether you are adding space for your family or extending your property or merely adding value to your property, whatever may be the intention design, there are always ways to implement your dream. These different types of home extensions can give you some idea about extending your house.

Loft conversion: These can be done by making use of the existing property. You can convert the space you already have and use it for a house extension.

Orangeries and Conservatories: Orangeries are an excellent way to extend your house. These are made from ceiling to floor windows with minimal brickwork. Conservatories are made in all shapes and sizes with a tiled, solid roof which will look like a single-storeyed extension. The main purpose of orangeries and conservatories is that they can bring the natural light into your room and at the same time create an outdoor living space at your property.

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Single storeyed extension: These are built as part of your living house. Rooms can be added from one or more sides of your house as extensions attached to your property. Single storeyed extensions are known for adding value to your house and it can be used for home offices, dining rooms, kitchens, and playroom.

Two storeyed extensions:  Two storeyed extensions can be added to any side of your house. It is perfect for adding a bathroom, a bedroom, and downstairs with useable rooms.

Side extension:  Any rooms can be attached to the sides of your house. Like, you can add a dining room, a bedroom downstairs, and a house garage.

Rear Extensions: While considering small extensions, rear extensions are one of the fastest and the most practical ways to create more space for your house. Adding a house extension at the back of your house can add value to your property.

Now you can choose the right building extension plan and extend your living place.