Balcony Decoration

6 Balcony Decoration Ideas

Balconies are an underrated part of a home or a condo unit. A private outdoor space is hard to come by these days as not all homes offer a balcony area. If you have a veranda, you can turn it into a place of relaxation, or a private studio for you to create double-tap-worthy photos.

Here are six decoration ideas you can do for your balcony.

Add A Swing Or Hammock

Swings are perfect add-ons to your balcony as they double as a seating and sleeping area, providing that lulling effect of being rocked back and forth. If you want something less bulky and easier to put away, opt for a hammock. Adding a hammock or a swing also creates a relaxing ambiance similar to beachfront homes or a country house’s front porch.

Maximize Space

Since not all balconies are as spacious as the other rooms in your home, maximize space to make room for seating, a table, plants, and a few decorative pieces. Make the most of your square footage by installing built-in seating that doubles as extra storage space. Use vintage trunks as a unique center table and as a secret compartment to keep magazines, books, candles, and other trinkets.

Bring In Greenery

Plants are always a great way to decorate any space in your home. Take advantage of your balcony to build a garden to house your potted plants. You’ll get the most sunlight for your plants to bloom. Build a vertical planter on your wall with pallets or hooks to save space while creating your hanging gardens.

If your balcony is similar to those of Amaia Skies Avenida’s condo units, decorate the terrace’s railings by adding greenery such as flower boxes, hanging planters, and vines. Doing so will give you more room for furniture and decor while building a vertical garden like those in Spanish and Italian balconies.

Place Some Shade

Sunlight is good, but excess is harmful to your skin and hampers your vision. Install shade on the area you plan to work on to keep yourself safe from the harmful rays and extreme heat of the sun. It is best to install shade that you can adjust to suit all weather conditions. You don’t want the rain to damage your alcove or extreme sunlight to dry up your plants.

Set Up Al Fresco Dining

Balcony Decoration

Your balcony isn’t limited to being an outdoor work area or a place for your plants. Mimic the romantic vibes of outdoor brunches and Italian hospitality by turning your balcony into an al fresco dining area. Wooden furniture and flooring are perfect for simulating the outdoor dining area ambiance. Paint your tables and chairs to add pops of color that complement the subdued neutral hues. Add a green sunshade or one with bright yellow stripes to complete the whole outdoor cafe look.

Install Lighting

Make your balcony more romantic and calming by adding a few lighting features. Sure, candles create a calming and sultry atmosphere, but they aren’t bright enough for you to see correctly in the dark. String lights are perfect accessories for the walls and the railings. Add a pendant light to illuminate your outdoor working area.

Transforming your balcony into an area where you can relax, eat, work, and enjoy your past-times doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn how to save space while decorating and creating a conducive environment to make your veranda a den of comfort and peace.