Framed Mirrors

Styling With Framed Mirrors

Looking for a versatile and impactful decor item that can transform any space? Mirrors could be the answer!

Dramatic and impressive, small and petite, vintage and ornate, minimalist and chic – with so many styles to play with, there’s hardly a space that can’t benefit from the addition of a well-chosen mirror.

Check out these top tips for styling custom framed mirrors in your home like a pro.

The illusion of space

It’s no secret that mirrors can trick us into thinking a room is more spacious than it is. If you’re stuck for space, try adding a large mirror or two to create the illusion of depth. Tall, slim mirrors can also make your ceiling feel higher.

Amplify natural light

Natural light is often one of the best features of any room. A simple hack to increase the natural light bouncing around a room is to add a mirror. Position it so it catches light coming in from a window and watch how it transforms the atmosphere of the whole space.

Make a statement with the frame

In some cases, it’s more about the frame than the mirror. The materials, colour and texture of a mirror frame can create a beautiful statement that really captures the eye. Whether you like vintage, gold style frames or rustic wooden frames, a custom framed mirror can help you bring drama and pizzazz to any room.

Lean your mirror, French style

Not ready to commit to hanging a mirror on the wall? Leaning mirrors is a popular decor hack in Paris, and a great way to add sophistication to any room. Try placing a large, full length mirror on the floor and leaning it against the wall instead. For smaller mirrors, try placing them on top of a mantlepiece or sideboard.

Keeping things light

If you’ve got a saturated feature wall that feels too heavy, a mirror is a great way to lighten things up. The mirror will reflect light from other areas of the room, balancing the boldness of the accent wall.

Break up a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a popular way to create an impactful and personal statement. But sometimes they can look overcrowded. A simple way to make the display look more roomy is to add a mirror instead of another picture frame. It doesn’t have to be big. Even a small mirror will make a difference.

 Multiply the mirrors

Framed Mirrors

Instead of a gallery with picture frames, why not create a gallery of custom framed mirrors? Hang four identical mirrors in a square arrangement over your mantlepiece. Or try putting three rectangular mirrors side by side in the hallway.

Reflect your style

Whatever type of mirror you go for, make sure it reflects your style! A mirror is practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. When you choose custom framed mirrors, you can control the size, shape, texture and colour so that it complements your space perfectly.