Floor Lamp

How to Decorate Home With Floor Lamp and Table Lamp?

You can add an additional lighting element to your space with decorative floor lamps.  Place a floor lamp anywhere from a big living room or small corners and complement the overall look of your space. Also, you do not need to be afraid of the beautiful amalgamation of the floor lamp with other lighting fixtures like decorative table lamps or lights. It will help you to evenly distribute the lighting throughout your home.

Decorate Home With Table Lamps

Along with contributing to the home decor, table lamps help to bring light and beauty to your space.  You can pair this beautiful lighting fixture with a table, desk, or any other flat surface for soft illumination of your space.  If the single table lamp is not enough for home decor, you can place multiple lamps for creating an even lightning balance in your space.

Check out some fascinating ideas for placing  decorative table lamps in your:

  • On Console Table

Whether you have set the console table against the wall or with sofa, it could be the perfect choice to place the table lamp. Pair the lamp with a console table to make an attractive choice and maintain a lightning balance.  Choose the shade as per your preference and illuminate your home.

  • On End or Side Table

If you want to add a little more lighting to your home during the dusk or dawn, a table lamp could be a great addition. You can choose the natural spots like the End table or Side table next to your sofa or chair to place your stylish table lamp, this will help to maintain the balanced look and bring perfect lighting to your space.

  • On Nightstand

Placing the table lamp on the nightstand is quite popular on either side of the bed. So, find a stylish table lamp for perfectly complimenting your nightstand in the bedroom.

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Decorate Home With Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the perfect choice for reducing the shadows that are a result of overhead lighting in the bedroom or living room.  If you are planning to purchase a decorative floor lamp, go with any of the following arrangements.

  • Next to the sofa or chair

You can place your floor lamp next to the sofa or chair.  It can help you to make your space more welcoming and useful.  If you want to add ambient light to your space, a torchiere floor lamp having upturned shade could be your ideal choice. Although, a club floor lamp having the traditional downward shade can help you to add more customized illumination.

  • In the Corners of Room

If you want to add a secondary lightning fixture to your room, then placing the floor lamp in a different corner could be your right choice.  You can install multiple lamps in the different corners of your room if you want to keep only decorative floor lamps as a lighting source.  Multiple lamps eliminate the shadows and add an even touch to your space.

  • Highlight the Specific Elements

Using the floor lamps, you can emphasize the specific piece of decor and furniture, for example; a coffee table or accent chair. You can consider installing the club-style floor lamp with downward shade right next to the chair, sofa, or other furniture to shed direct light on it. So, add your favorite light shade with decorative floor lamps and illuminate the home decor items of your choice.

While choosing a decorative floor lamp or table lamp for your space, pay attention to the styles and shades.  If you have a transitional on a modern home, it is recommended to go with the drum shades. And, if you have a traditional or stylish home, fluted style lamps could be your best choice.

Lamps can help you to add a diffused and warm light to your space without compromising with its dramatic looks. These Decorative floor lamps and tables can be your best choice for adding an immediate modern touch to your space. So, if you are planning to buy a lamp, consider the given points to find the best lighting fixture for decorating your home.