Pattern Imprint Concrete For Your Driveway

Instead of the usual individual blocks with the finished surface, use the different colours pattern and stamps to freshly laid layer of concrete to give it a beautiful look. The pattern imprint concrete or the decorative is the stamped concrete imitates of other materials like the brick paving, cobblestones or wood for your driveway. It gives the aesthetic value along with the natural feel of materials that you like the most. Imprinting helps in creating a visually appealing and uniform finish.

Steps For Creating The Pattern Imprint Concrete For Your Driveway

Setting The Ground

Preparation of the ground is the first step of pattern imprint concrete for the driveway. It includes

  • excavating the ground to a definite depth,
  • adding an appropriate level of hard-core,
  • forming a solid level of the foundation
  • Then temporary wooden barriers are set
  • And the concrete is poured into the wooden barriers

Pouring The Concrete

The concrete for imprint concrete is air-entrained and fibre enmeshed to make the whole slab harder than the standard concrete. After pouring to the concrete is a wooden frame, it is raked for a smooth, flat finish.

Colouring The Concrete

The next step is to colour the concrete while it is still wet. Concrete colouring uses the combination of two agents to create a textured look.

Then, the colour surface hardener is spread by hand on the surface of the concrete. The release agent is added to the coloured concrete.

Stamping The Concrete

For stamping the concrete, interlocking moulded rubber mats with any pattern is used. Start the imprint at the edge, and work your way across the concrete. Ensure to not step on it.

Sealing The Concrete

  • First, ensure to pressure-wash the exterior of the concrete when it is completely dry.
  • Next using a diamond disc saw, create crack control joints on the surface of the concrete.
  • Finally, apply an acrylic sealant with an anti-slip agent to protect the surface. It also helps to enhance the colour of the concrete.

During the colouring of the concrete, it is important that is colour is laid consistently to prevent the uneven patches of colour when the work is complete. Evenly spreading of the colour ensures the perfect finished look. UV exposure may cause fading but if the acrylic base is applied, it helps in protection against it. Resealing the area regularly ensure added durability to the paving.

Pattern Imprint Concrete For Your Driveway

Benefits Of Imprinting The Concrete

The benefits of imprinting the concrete are many, and it is now used in the driveway, patios, pathways, surrounding areas of swimming pool and hot tub, conservatory flooring, and even industrial flooring. Imprint flooring is a completely proven technique all around the world.

It is non-slippery and stain-resistant. It is also hard wearing and weather resistant.  One of the major reason concrete imprint driveways is used these days is because it is quick, hassle-free to install and ensures low maintenance. The colour and texture are permanent and there are endless design and pattern opportunities with diverse colours and shading that can be used. And the best part is that it is more affordable than block paving.