Economical Storage Lockers for Apartment Buildings

Economical Storage Lockers for Apartment Buildings

One of the smartest things a multifamily property owner can do is to invest in some storage lockers for apartment buildings. In a recent case study on apartment residents, the majority of the tenants that were asked agreed that having a safe and private place to store their extra belongings was important. In fact, most of the residents agreed that they would be willing to pay more each month in order to have an on-site storage solution. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Who wants to live in an environment that has no room for extra storage, or that is easily targeted for storage thefts?

The Storage Solution

A great way to provide adequate storage for an apartment building is to take a close look around at all of the room that is available that you may not even realize is there. So many landlords make the mistake of assuming that they don’t have the room to install storage bins when in many cases, there turns out to be more than enough room to implement a robust storage system that adds value to the property and provides the residents with what they want. Bradyl Storage Solutions will even perform an assessment of what room is available and how profitable an installment could be.

The Bradyl Box

Even if there seems to be no room available, you can always consider the Bradyl Box for indoor parking garages. This is the kind of storage solution that turns thin air into 80 cubic feet of storage. This storage box is mounted on legs that have an adjustable height that can accommodate most vehicles (large trucks and SUVs may have issues) so that they can park the hood under the box. This ingenious idea turns space that would otherwise just sit there into a solid, secure, airy storage bin for apartment communities.

The Bradyl Bin

The Bradyl Bin is a fantastic storage solution that can be totally customizable to fit in spaces that would otherwise seem impossible. These bins are sturdy and solid with room for adding extra features and enhancements. The handsome look of them can bring a brand new look to the apartment complex and make everything look nicer, cleaner, and safer.

Ditch the Wire Mesh

Although wire mesh storage cages may seem to be a great alternative to enclosed storage solutions, they are definitely not. The truth is that anybody can have brand new, solid, strong storage solutions installed for about the same cost as installing wire mesh storage boxes. Since wire mesh is completely see-through there is no way to stop thieves from targeting the areas. On top of the potential for additional crime activity in the building, wire boxes are ugly and make the complex look more like a chicken farm than a dwelling structure for humans.

The Potential for Extra Revenue

Since most tenants would be willing to pay more to have a solid storage system in place, there is a good chance that installing a great set of storage bins or boxes in the building could bring in quite a bit more money each month for the property owner. In most cases, tenants already pay an off-site storage facility to store their extra stuff. If the money is already moving, why not move it into your pocket instead of some other place? Off-site storage facilities can run upwards of $100 per month per person. If this income could be turned from them to you, it would be a substantial addition to the already incoming revenue from rent. If each tenant paid $100 extra per month, imagine the profits.

Getting Started

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from investing in your future right now. America has gotten through crisis after crisis over the years and still stands strong. Contact Bradyl today and prepare to be surprised at how affordable this investment is.