Create The Ultimate Al Fresco Dining Experience

Outdoor living is a must in the warmer months when the days are longer and warmer. This is the time all meals should move outside, books are read under the shade, and drinks and laughs are enjoyed with friends. Now that the restrictions of 2020 have eased with restaurants and bars reopening, it’s becoming difficult to make a booking at your favorite place. By updating your outdoor living space means you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on a dining experience. You can create these in your backyard without the restaurant prices. We have outlined key features to enjoy an outdoor entertaining space.

Choose Practical Flooring 

Your outdoor dining area will need flooring that is able to hold the furninute that you need for your meals. Choose durable surfaces that are strong to ensure your furniture doesn’t sink into the ground. Decking is a great option to create a flow between your indoor and outdoor living area. To create a cohesive space try and match the outdoor flooring back with the indoor with style, finish, and colour to blend the two together. If you have tiles inside look at paving as an option for outside.

Storage Is Key 

If your kitchen isn’t easily accessed by your outdoor dining area, moving dishes and heavy plates can be difficult. Create your own outdoor kitchen so you can be surrounded by your guests and not be tucked away by yourself inside.  Every outdoor entertaining area needs some clever storage. Especially if you have an outdoor kitchen and BBQ. If your outdoor area is protected you can keep your outdoor cutlery, kitchenware and table linen in a good looking trolly. This can be a fun outdoor accessory that can be wheeled around as it’s needed. Another option is to purchase a barbeque workstation that will provide storage solutions for your outdoor eating accessories.

Create Extra Comfort With An Outdoor Rug 

Adding this piece will instantly transform your space into a comfortable area that will become an extension of your living space. There is a wide range of colours and sizes to create a cohesive transition from indoor to outdoor. It’s important to buy an outdoor rug made from durable materials that can outstand the outdoor elements. An outdoor rug will create a focal point outside and draw the eye to your outdoor table if placed underneath. If it is going to be placed under your outdoor table and chairs then the rug should be big enough so all the legs of the chairs are sitting on the rug. When you’re choosing the style of your rug, select the same shape that the piece of furniture is going under. If you have a rectangular table choose a rectangular rug to match. This will create a balanced looking space and not take not up the wrong amount of space.

Create Shade 

If your outdoor table isn’t under shade it can be challenging with unpredictable weather. To keep your guests comfortable purchase a large outdoor umbrella. There are a wide range of quality and stylish umbrellas on the market. We would recommend purchasing one that can rotate 360 degrees and tilt, with an aluminium frame.

Mood Lighting 

Outdoor lighting for your dining area can often be overlooked. Candlelight is nice but you will need something brighter.Outdoor lighting is not only an important accessory used as a decorative feature but is also a necessity for your guests to see their food. There is a wide range of lighting on the market for you to choose from. Brighten up your space with floor lanterns that will add a glowing touch to your evenings. Choose from a selection of illuminating products including lanterns, floor lamps, candle holders and LED lights to make your nights sparkle.

Comfortable Seating 

It’s important to have comfortable seating for your guests. Purchase cozy cushions for each of your chairs or bench. Make sure your purchasing cushions are made from weatherproof materials. Show off your style with beautiful printed cushions or pops of colour that match back with your table linen and accessories.