House Warm

Four Ways To Keep Your House Warm In The Winter

Winter is often too late to be thinking about how to heat your home, but better late than never! Not only is living in a cold home uncomfortable, but it’s also very bad for your health – and especially more so for the elderly and younger children. Some health problems linked to damp and cold homes include an increase in blood pressure, general common colds, heart attacks and pneumonia. Keeping your house warm can make it a more comfortable place to be for the whole family. Some changes can be made with a simple trip to the store, and others require more thought and investment. Keep reading for four ways you can keep your house warm in the winter.

Consider A Roof Replacement

Approximately 25% of heat in any home is lost via the roof which can make all the difference between keeping comfortable in your home and not. If you currently have issues with your roof, more often than not, it is advised that you replace it as soon as possible. If there is excess water damage, your roof may begin to sag, and different types of bacteria will feed and grow off the excess moisture. This can lead to health problems and conditions that can potentially be fatal if left untreated. Having a great roof is not only excellent for your health and wellbeing, but it can also increase the value of your home. Consider replacing your roof today and have a look at multiple Midlothian roofing contractors.

Replace Your Windows

Alike having poor roofing, having bad window structure in your home can cause significant damage to your health and belongings. Moisture can enter through your windows and leave your belongings damp. Your walls can also dampen around the window, leading to poor health. If you’re considering having children or you already have children, now may be the perfect time to replace your windows. Invest in your home and opt for double glazing from a reliable contractor. Despite it being costly, it’s a worthy investment for your health and belongings in the future.

Seal The Draughts

If window and roof replacements are out of your budget, consider doing your best to seal all draughts in your home. This can be done easily by covering holes or splits with heavier items, filling gaps and even using weatherstripping tape to keep the cold air out of your home. As much as winter is a time for fun and enjoyment with Christmas and Hogmanay, you’ll want to enjoy the holidays as much as possible without the worry of being too cold. Even try purchasing heavier curtains to help you stop losing heat through your windows.

Move Your Furniture

Even if you do replace your roofing and windows, you may want to keep sofas and chairs away from the window to ensure your warmth comfort. Also, keep your radiators clear of anything blocking them to allow the heat to transfer around each room.

Make sure you have a great selection of blankets on hand too – not only to keep you warm but also to keep you in the winter spirit.