Are Wire Mesh Storage Bins Safe? You Might Be Surprised

Are Wire Mesh Storage Bins Safe? You Might Be Surprised

with so many options on the market how do you know what option is the best? It can be easy to go with the option that seems to be the best price at face value, such as simple wire mesh storage bins, but it’s important to remember not all storage is created equal and there are some serious drawbacks with this style of storage.

The Problem with Wire Mesh

At face value, wire mesh storage may seem like the most cost-effective way to add storage units to your property, however, studies show that renters are less likely to pay for extra storage if they do not feel it is secure. Wire mesh is see-through, meaning renters’ belongings are directly within sight of any wandering eyes or thieves looking to make an easy come up. One of the main reasons to install storage in the first place is to make an extra monthly income, and sadly that doesn’t work out when you invest in a storage solution that your tenants don’t want to rent. Renters value privacy and security, especially when it comes to storing their belongings. Wire mesh storage also tends to look messy, since you can see directly into the renters’ bins if their belongings aren’t neatly arranged, it appears disorganized and unkempt, and unfortunately, it is on full display. Another large reason to offer on-site storage options for your renters is to take control over clutter and extra items being stowed improperly in hallways, patios, and other shared spaces, to help keep the property looking neat and tidy. Wire mesh essentially takes the unkempt mess and moves it to a more concentrated area.

The Better Option

Wire mesh leaves a lot to be desired in the security department, along with privacy and appearance. What if you could find options comparable in price that is of higher quality and more positively viewed by renters? Well, you can! Bradyl Storage Solutions offers safe and secure storage options that will be loved by both your renters and your budget.

  • The Bradyl Box: is a parking space storage container that is free-standing on adjustable legs, using the open air above the vehicle for safe and secure private storage. The box is 80 cubic feet of storage space and can hold up to 900 pounds of your renters’ extra belongings. The adjustable legs make it easy to fit over the hood of any car or SUV, and most sized trucks. They fit perfectly into already existing standard parking spaces, saving you on the costly construction costs to open an area up for storage, or installation fees of a locker-based storage unit. Renters love the security with the Bradyl Box, made entirely of steel and lockable to keep anything they want to store safe and secure with no fears of wandering eyes or thieves on the hunt. The Bradyl Box is a great option for properties looking to add storage, but don’t necessarily have the extra space to install a larger single storage unit.
  • The Bradyl Bin: is a more traditional style storage solution, offering your renters individual and private storage lockers made of steel. The color of the doors to the Bin is completely customizable to fit the scheme of your property and look lovely while providing secure storage for your renters. Cost-effective and loved by renters, the Bradyl Bin is around the same price as less desirable wire mesh units. The Bradyl Bin is a great option for property owners looking to turn unused space into storage for their tenants and an added bonus to their monthly income.