Creative Vanity Ideas For Your Bathroom Renovation

If you have been considering changing up your bathroom, then you may be confused with a bunch of ideas running through your mind. From walls to decors to showers, the options are plenty when it comes to selecting what you would like to modify.

Hence, we are bringing some modern and creative vanity ideas for your bathroom renovation. The ideas are such that it would work for almost any kind and size of the bathroom. Use these ideas as inspiration for your renovation process.

Black And White Tiles

Say goodbye to the plain old bathroom floors! Black and white tile are stylish and can spruce up your bathroom instantly. Opt for these tiles in your bathroom as your next renovation idea.

Shelves And Vanity On The Wall

Place some wooden shelves on the walls in a carefully designed manner. They will give you ample space to store your items as well as look aesthetic. You can keep decorative items, towels, soaps, and miniature shampoos on these shelves. Also, consider a wall hung vanity if space allows for it. Keeping the vanity off the floor will give you more room to move, and wall hung vanities are extremely convenient due to the height that they are mounted at. It makes it easy to stand and prepare yourself for the day.

Two Sinks

If you have a large space for a mirror, then consider installing two sinks. This will make the space look larger and modern. Moreover, it is a practical way to utilize the space in your house.

Shower Designs

There are a plethora of shower options in the market now! You can choose the huge bulky ones, simple ones, multiple showerheads, and so on. Select the type of shower you would like to install in your bathroom.

Wall Patterns

You can add beautiful textures and patterns to your bathroom walls. They can be of soothing colors such as blue, white, or other pastel colors. It will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom without modifying much.

Wooden Storage Baskets

Ditch those plastic containers to store your items in the bathroom. Opt for beautiful wooden woven baskets and trays. You can place your toothbrush, towels, and other toiletries in these baskets. You can also hang it somewhere in your bathroom.

Lighting Placement

While it may seem a minor modification, the lighting placement in your bathroom can do wonders! You can place the lighting in such a way that it highlights the mirrors, the sink, the center of the bathroom, and so on. You can strategically place small lights on the wall, floors, countertops, or ceiling. These lightings can enhance the bathroom and bring the colors of the wall or floors to life. Install a dimmer so that you have maximum control over the mood of the room.

Tip: If you do not want to change the electric or lighting system in your home, then purchase a lamp.

Thus, this was all about creative vanity ideas for your bathroom renovation. You can pick and choose the ideas that you like the most from this list and implement them in your own bathroom. It would be pleasant to see how beautiful your bathroom would turn out to be with these ideas.