5 Ideas to make your Home Kid-Friendly

5 Ideas to make your Home Kid-Friendly

As a parent, you always want to decorate and design your home in a manner that your kid just loves it. To do so, it is not necessary to compromise on your personal style. The interior design of the house should suffice both your and your kid’s needs. Hence, you should renovate it to ensure that it stays clean and organized all the time. If you are not sure how to do it, mentioned below are a few renovation ideas to make your home kid-friendly:

Choose Semigloss Paint for the Wall

One of the best renovation ideas to make the home decor kid-friendly is painting the walls with semigloss paint. Kids often make things dirty, especially walls. Many kids have the habit of drawing and writing on the walls with colours. You should not stop them from exploring their creativity. Also, it is not just limited to drawing on walls. If your kid drops pizza on the wall or leaves behind dirty fingerprints, the stains can easily be removed using just water and soap.

Install Separate Lockers 

While coming home from the outdoors, people drag a lot of dust and dirt. Hence, it is important to leave the dusty and dirty boots and coats by the door. A dedicated spot for the kid’s coat, boots, and bags will not only keep dirt out of the house but will also teach the kid to be more responsible with personal belongings. Make it a habit of organizing and putting the belongings in the locker after coming back from school every day.

Buy Furniture Pieces that are more Practical

While picking new furniture pieces, you should look beyond their appeal and the interior design of the house. Look for options that seem more practical for your family. When you have a kid running in the house, you have to be careful while making this decision. For starters, buy a black leather sofa that can be easily cleaned if gets dirty instead of going for a light-coloured stylish velvet sofa. If your kid drops something on it, cleaning the furniture piece should not be very difficult.

Put some Thought into Picking the Fabric 

You should always put some thought into choosing the fabric whether you are shopping for drapes, bedsheets, or rugs. The fabric should not only complement your home decor but should also be kid-friendly, which means, it should be very easy to clean. For instance, choose drapes, pillow covers, or bedsheets that are of light colours – even white. It may sound weird but doing so allows you to clean the fabric using bleach. The risk of discolouring is always high when it comes to bleaching coloured fabric. Also, look for fabrics like synthetic fibres and wipeable leather. Flatweave heavy fabrics are ideal as they require less maintenance. Dark-coloured wool is also recommended because wool does not get stained easily.

There Should be Enough Storage Space 

Even after a kid grows up a little, he or she starts making a lot of clutter and mess around the house. It is inevitable and you cannot stop the kid from doing so. Hence, it is better to start looking for solutions to keep the house more organized. Well-planned storage spaces in the house will ensure that your house does not appear messed up anymore. Some common renovation ideas for toddlers include a separate space for diapers so that everything is available nearby when you need them. Add a built-in storage place to the interior design where you can stack up all the toys. Always buy multi-functional furniture. Use a coffee table that has bottom shelves or drawers to store the kid’s toys besides your belongings.