Board & Batten Shutters inspiration idea and buying guide – 2021

Board & Batten Shutters inspiration idea and buying guide – 2021

There is no better way to improve your home’s curb appeal than to use custom exterior shutters. At Decorative shutters, the board and batten shutters are available in all sizes and for all budgets. These shutters are historically inspirational and cottage styled to give your home a warm, rustic look, but with Aluminum’s durability.

Board and batten shutters are economical, long-lasting, and low maintenance shutter options for your home. By evoking the rustic warmth and cozy nights, these shutter options integrate a classic look to your home by not only being decorative but also being available in storm-withstanding classifications. This article will take you through the board and batten inspiration idea and your 2021 buying guide.

Timeless Style

The board and batten shutters are one of the oldest styles of shutters. Prior to the glass-making industry, shutters were used functionally to provide privacy and security. Today, board and batten shutters are trendy, especially for homeowners looking to create a rustic and relaxed home environment and appearance, respectively.

Furthermore, most historical homes are outfitted with board and batten shutters. These decorative styled shutters evoke ancient times with their practical design and enduring elegance. The shutters consist of two components, namely:

  • The vertical slats (called the board) – are held vertically against each other.
  • The horizontal planks (called battens) are used to support the boards by holding them in place.

If you are looking to purchase these cottage-style shutters, you can customize your look whichever style you want. And with today’s building methods and designs, the homeowner can choose the number of boards or battens to place. Overall, it depends on the window or doors’ exterior size space and the homeowner’s preference.

Crafted in the U.S and shipped worldwide, we at Decorative shutters offer high-quality board and batten shutters that are attractive, operative, durable in a hot and humid climate storm-resistant. That, coupled with our beautiful designs, makes us stand out with our first-class service delivery.

One-Stop Shopping

At Decorative shutters, we engineer board and batten shutters with your home in mind. We manage every step A to Z from design to installation. That means that we customize everything to fit your exterior spaces, whether for large doors and windows or small window openings. Besides, if your window openings are irregularly shaped far from the conventional shapes we know, we can design perfectly fits for that too.

We deal in a wide range of options as far as board and batten shutter go. But if you are exploring your options, you can choose from the following feature types:

Storm Rated Shutters

You will probably be thinking of the hurricane here. But don’t worry. We have storm-rated hurricane shutters compliant with your state wind impact ratings, the ASTM specifications, and the SBCCI standards.

Decorative Shutters

These shutters are engineered with style in mind. We structure them to provide depth and warmth to your home. Moreover, our shutters have a powdered coated finish available in multiple colors beyond black and brown. This way, you can take advantage and embrace all the lively shades you can think of.

Operational Shutters

For privacy, added security, blocking unnecessary light, wind, and noise reduction, this iteration of our shutters would probably be your best bet. And that is forgetting to mention the risk of intruders physically accessing your home.

Value for your Buck

As alluded to earlier, true traditionalists have one option for exterior shutters: the board and batten option. Unlike plastic window shutters, board and batten shutters can last for more than ten years when properly varnished and painted. As a company, we have done installations that are well over 20 years old but still look quite great.

Shipment and Installation

Board and batten shutters are made crafted based on your specifications and shipped within one month. If you come up with any paint or varnish ideas inside the production window, you can reach out to us and help us make changes. We exude confidence in what we do, and our customers are our priority.

The shutters are available in different styles, and we can install them for you both in decorative and operable configurations. To ensure durability and overall service satisfaction on your part, we ensure installation is done perfectly by using quality material in the locking and anchoring mechanisms.

Benefits of our Board and Batten Shutters

  • Easy to open and operate, and we offer multiple locking options you can take advantage of.
  • We ensure improved insulation from the occasional noise and other weather elements such as the notorious winter chills and summer heat.
  • They are durable and will guarantee a good return on your investment.
  • Our shutters have unrivaled resistance to ultraviolet light and moisture, which is necessary with our fast-changing climatic patterns.

Are you Inspired to Order our Shutters?

If you are moving into a new home or doing a remodel, you could use our gorgeous board and batten shutters. All you have to do is get ready and reach out to our team at Decorative shutters with any questions you would like to have answered. Alternatively, you can get in touch, and we can work an estimate for you by requesting a tailored offer.

Furthermore, you are invited onto our site to preview the past shutter projects we have completed in the past. Better still, you can visit the site and learn the key terms and everything you need to know about our wide range of products.

The Bottom Line

Exterior shutters not only enhance the curb appeal of any home, but they are a great negotiation chip to guarantee a return on investment when it is finally time to sell your home. At Decorative shutters, we have a variety of shutters in our production line that range from Aluminum to wood materials. This and more on the board and batten shutters, you are welcome to visit our official site to learn, order, or even request a custom offer.