All About Maintaining a Green Lawn

The lawn is a primary feature for home ground development and a necessary feature for any other type of garden, such as a green carpet for a landscape. Hiring one of the best lawn companies in Winnipeg to maintain a home garden is essential to improve the appearance of the house, enhance its beauty, increase conveniences, and usefulness, therefore, adds to the monetary value of the property. The lawn provides an ideal setting for a flower bed, a border, shrubbery, or specimen tree.

Aspects of Maintaining Your Lawn

  • Weeding – One of the most significant aspects of maintenance is the control of weeds. Without close attention or care a time will come when weeds will overcome the lawn grass, the soil will turn out to be sick, and the grass coarse. All weeds should be taken away with the roots, and these should never be allowed to seed.
  • Rolling – The objective of rolling is to help the grass anchor itself securely and also keep the surface levelled. In the light, sandy soil rolling after each weeding will be helpful. Rolling should be evaded when the soil is wet. You can choose from several types of rollers available in the market.
  • Mowing – As per the specialists for lawn service in Winnipeg, pruning of grass i.e., mowing is one of the most important operations. The regularity of mowing is determined by the mount of growth and will differ from season to season. But grass should not be permitted to grow more than five to six centimetres in length during any season. You need to get a good machine that will cut evenly at the right height.
  • Sweeping – Sweeping the lawn comprehensively after each mowing is necessary to clean the cut grasses that might have fallen from the mower box. It is also done every morning to clean the fallen leaves and the other debris.

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When you hire one of the top-rated lawn companies in Winnipeg such as The Sodfather for the maintenance of your lawn, the professionals will also water your lawn and carry out scraping and raking of your lawn to maximize its potential to grow greener and lusher!