Maintain a Clean Home Using These Easy-to-adopt Habits

Maintain a Clean Home Using These Easy-to-adopt Habits

Being healthy is now more critical than ever. By having good health, you can keep your immune system strong against viruses. Aside from eating healthy and keeping fit, a clean environment also contributes to a healthy lifestyle. And the secret to a clean environment is keeping your home organized and clutter-free. It’s easy to clean your home and keep things in order, but maintaining it is hard. The following are tips that will help you keep your home in a pristine state.

Change Your Sheets 

For some reason, chores as simple as organizing your desk and making your bed are the hardest things to do. Maybe it’s because making your bed requires you to move and accomplish a task right after waking up, which, to be honest, not everyone has the energy to do. The fact that a neatly made bed contributes to the overall tidiness of your bedroom is not up for argument, but recent studies have actually proved that making your bed might be bad for your health. By making your bed regularly, you are unconsciously trapping dust mites, which can pave the way for you to incur a host of health problems, including asthma and skin problems.

But as mentioned earlier, a neatly made bed can contribute so much to making your room look tidy, so the only solution to keep your room clean and prevent dust mites from living in your bed is to change your sheets regularly. Experts recommend that you change your sheets, bedding, and pillowcases at least once a week. Cleaning your bedding will reduce your exposure to pollen, fungi, and bacteria, therefore decreasing your chances of getting allergies. By frequently changing your sheets, you can now make your bed and keep your room tidy, which can even motivate you to start cleaning the different areas of your room.

Dust Regularly

There is no way for you to permanently eliminate dust, making frequent dusting the most auspicious solution. Aside from external factors like wind and your shoes tracking dust into your home, your pets and even your dead skin cells also add to the dust buildup in your house. And with most of your loved ones working or studying from home, the amount of dust in your place has most probably increased. If left alone, the thick blanket of dust resting on the surfaces and in the nook and crannies of your house can be the cause of allergies and even trigger severe asthma attacks. Just like with changing your sheets regularly, it is also advised that you dust off weekly.

There are various methods to tackle dust, and one of the most efficient ways is to use a trusty cleaning tool. So if yours is down, it’s better to contact a vacuum repair service, and have it fixed immediately. You can also use air purifiers to maintain optimal air quality. Another effective way to rid surfaces and tight spaces of dust is by using a damp microfiber cloth. By using a slightly damp material, you ensure that dust is trapped and won’t fly into the air while you’re cleaning. Dust cannot be eliminated permanently, so a way for you to relax in an environment that’s close to being dust-free is by adopting efficient cleaning habits such as washing your fabric and cleaning as frequently as possible.

Attend to Things Immediately

Mess accumulates because people choose to leave things as is and only start to clean once enough clutter has piled up. This is the number one habit and the hardest to break if you want to maintain a clean household. By immediately cleaning after a mess you have made, the things you need to do actually lessens, not to mention that it will also keep your place looking neat. This goes for everything in your house. Getting the dishes done immediately after meals will keep your sink clean and your counters open for your next meal prep.

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Doing little batches of laundry daily, folding fresh clothes, and putting them away will keep your laundry baskets free. Arranging things back into their respective places will prevent clutter and save you time by not having to scour your place for an item you need. By cleaning up after yourself, your home will be picture perfect and will be ready to receive guests anytime. It will also reduce the time you spend on your monthly general cleaning, leaving you with more time to relax or do other activities.

Cleaning up little by little may sound like too much work. Still, by adopting efficient household cleaning habits, you will not only have a healthier living environment, but you will also get to spend valuable time that you usually use for cleaning sprees on the activities you like to do.