All you Need to Know About Fleece

If you live in a cold place or have visited a cold place you shall be aware of fleece being used to keep people warm. It can be seen widely being used in various things. The fleece materials are used to make different dresses as well as blankets and so on. So, it is very interesting to know more about this fabric that is so useful for us.

What is Fleece Anyway?

It is very interesting to know that it is a man-made product, unlike other fabrics that we use. It may sound confusing that though as there is a fleece coat on the sheep. But this is a synthetic material. The feel is soft and fuzzy but it is made from plastic. The fleece material is very warm, breathable, and soft. So, it can be used on the inside as well as outside of a dress.

How is Fleece Made?

The fleece fabric is made from polyester. This is made from plastic. The fibers of polyester are made very fine and are then woven into a light fabric. These are then brushed to increase the volume, not weight. At times some wool is added to make a special texture or color. The fleece can be made from recycled plastic like from plastic bottles and so on so it is a very useful and thoughtful product. While the material cost is very less. The fleece fibers are made when there is a chemical reaction between the petroleum products and derivatives are formed. A very thick syrup solution is made. When it starts to harden then it is spun into thread form. This structure makes the fleece capture air and feels very warm. The light material is breathable as well.

What are the Characteristics of the Fleece?

The main use of fleece is that it is used to keep warm, it can be specially used when on a move. There is a pile surface feel. This means that there is cut fiber with loose ends on the surface that make it feel like short fur. While the air pockets that are formed in the fleece fabric make it very warm. The threads are lightweight and can be given any shape as it is easy to be stitched. Also being made out of synthetic material it is very durable and moisture resistant. This makes it suitable for all sorts of extreme conditions as well. In sportswear, especially swimwear, it is perfect. It will stay warm even in cold water and also dry out soon once you step out of water. While wool can not be used for the same purpose. The fleece fabric can also be used to make warm clothes for astronauts, and ear puffs. Though it is a favorite among the designers looking for a trendy material to experiment with. Coats, gloves, blankets are some common uses we know.