How to Choose the Right Furniture for Yourself?

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Yourself?

Recent years have shown that consumers are becoming more educated. Consumer awareness is growing when shopping, and so are their demands. Conscious choice based on needs is very important when shopping for durable goods such as furniture. After all, this is a purchase for several years, and you should not do it in a hurry. If you make a mistake while buying, your wallet will suffer at best, and your health at worst.

How To Choose?

When deciding to buy furniture, the first thing to do is to choose the right store. It is also necessary to clearly understand the following questions:

  • What should be its purpose – for sitting, lying, working, eating or storing things and objects;
  • Whether this piece of furniture is functional – whether its design is adapted to the physical and mental characteristics of the user, as well as the conditions and way of using the furniture.

At the same time, the concepts of function and functionality should not be confused. Each piece of furniture performs some function (for example, a chair-furniture for sitting), but not necessarily the same piece of furniture will be functional (too high chair, too low back, shallow seat, etc.). Functionality in this way is the most important criterion to consider when buying furniture. But also, the right supplier is also important. Just like if your chair supplier or any other furniture supplier isn’t providing the quality things to you. Being functional won’t matter and won’t work for you.

If you are planning to buy a wall or other storage furniture, then you need to check:

  • The dimensions of the depth of the cabinets (we are talking about their accessibility);
  • Depth and area of ​​containers;
  • The quality of the hinges and drawer guides used (certificates, service life);
  • Whether the back wall was cut into several parts due to the need to reduce the size of the bag. The back wall can significantly lose its rigidity, which, with large dimensions, is not always safe for the user;
  • Dimensions of additional shelves: for tv, digital box etc.

If you want to buy seating furniture, you need to pay special attention to:

  • Seat height, depth and hardness;
  • The height and angle of the backrest;
  • Upholstery material and fabric composition;
  • The size and stability of the furniture.

If there is a desire to purchase a new bed or mattress, then you should pay attention to:

  • Pictograms informing about the type of mattress;
  • The use of a latex plate – which provides free air circulation and blocks the development of bacteria;
  • Use of fabrics. They serve to insulate the mattress, but also provide good ventilation;
  • The use of a hypoallergenic cover – it is desirable that it be equipped with a zipper, which makes it easy to remove and put it on the mattress when washing is necessary;
  • The use of ventilation mesh – and what is the hardness (rigidity) of the mattress.

If you need furniture for work or eating, then you need to analyze the following:

  • Whether the height is fixed at the height of the user (or users), with an important difference being the ability to change the height;
  • Placement of legs under the table, meaning that they should fit there in height for comfortable use;
  • Whether a surface with sufficient abrasion and scratch resistance is adequate for the purpose of the furniture.


It should be remembered that when deciding to buy furniture, you need to be guided by functionality, convenience, ergonomics, and hence the safety of using the furniture, and only at the end of the aesthetics of performance and price. Considering all these requirements, you can safely go shopping!