Online Gambling Market Trends for 2021

Online Gambling Market Trends for 2021

The online gambling industry has been one of the most successful in the past few years, with revenues continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The market was estimated to be worth about $ 65 billion in 2020, and analysts predicted that figure could nearly triple by the end of the decade.

Convenience is one of the main advantages of online gambling, and this platform is increasingly attracting players due to the high level of accessibility it provides.

With the advances in technology allowing operators to continually improve their offerings, it is easy to see why the online gambling sector will continue to thrive in the coming years. Many experts are already predicting that 2021 will be an exciting year for the industry, so there are some of the trends to watch out for.

Growth Of The Game Assortment

One of the biggest changes seen in the online gambling sector in recent times is the growing gaming assortment. The days when operators could enter the market with just a few games or betting options are long gone as increased competition and consumer demand forced them to think creatively.

The combination of classic games, new slot games, live dealer games, and bet games on one site has become extremely popular and this trend looks set to continue in the future. Operators are looking for new partners, actively cooperating with developers in order to offer customers more and more interesting products. This leads to an increase in sales both in Europe and in a number of other regions.

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The roadmap for games is very exciting. Through partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers, online casinos present truly exciting games on a wide variety of topics. The use of new technologies brings opportunities for implementing new ideas and expanding the range of bets on sports, e-sports and other areas. The combination of original intellectual property and licenses for key gaming brands allows operators to win the competition.

We can trace how online casinos are changing and improving on the example of the Shangri La platform. At the time of launch in 2016, the site offered slots, live dealer games and classic sports betting. Over the years, the variety of sections has increased. Here there are scratch cards, slots with skill elements, new games with odds bets.

The bookmaker has also changed. In addition to traditional sports, you can find virtual sports and e-sports here. Bets are now placed not only before the start of the event, but also in the process with dynamic odds.

Live casino online games have improved significantly. Now you get more shooting angles, additional gameplay options, a faster process, and more.

Mobile Games

Smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life over the past couple of decades and have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the online gambling industry. Research has shown that more than half of people who play have used mobile devices to access their favorite online casinos or sports betting sites.

With experts predicting that people will use their smartphones for an average of four hours a day in 2021, operators who have optimized their sites for mobile are well positioned to generate additional revenue. Mobile technology will undoubtedly drive further growth in this sector. The possibilities are endless, and the power and speed of mobile devices will only get better.

Following these trends, Shangri La Casino and Sports has launched its own mobile application in 2021. Everything that is available on the website is available in the app. The functionality is not limited by anything, so visitors can use absolutely all the options available on desktops.

One day the world will see holographic phones capable of working in virtual reality, which will take sports, e-sports and online casino gaming to a whole new level. It wasn’t until 1992 that a touchscreen smartphone was introduced, and now almost everyone has one. Mobile technology is going to be overwhelming in the next ten years, as with advances in chip technology, you may not even need to carry your device with you.

New Ways To Deposit And Withdraw Funds

Not so long ago, people had to rely mainly on credit and debit cards to fund their online gambling activities. All leading operators now offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options on their websites. Thus, open bank payments have become more and more popular in Europe over the past couple of years.

In addition, many operators allow players to fund their accounts using e-money wallets, and some even with cryptocurrency. In this regard, operators and players in many countries take advantage of new types of payments, it is easy to make purchases and withdraw winnings. And while card payments are still the most popular payment method, experts believe that will change quickly when people see how safe and easy other payment methods are. And some platforms are actively using cryptocurrencies.