When Is a Blocked Drain an Emergency?

When Is a Blocked Drain an Emergency?

First of all, you need to have your own understanding of the term ‘emergency’ but generally, it refers to an unexpected dangerous situation that needs to be acted upon. If you deem that your blocked drain will pose a threat to life and property, then by all means quickly call the emergency drain unblocking service nearest you. This is indeed a real emergency!

Normally, clogged drains and blocked pipes can be considered minor issues and people are so complacent that they tend to ignore such seemingly simple problems. Experts in plumbing say that these things could get serious in the long run if not given prompt action, something that could give you migraines later on.

Just imagine slow-draining sink and toilet, smelly odour inside your home, corroding water pipe, sewage backing up – these incidents will surely cost you money and more trouble if not addressed the soonest time possible. And put in mind, your DIY trick won’t do magic either. Leave the fix to the hands of the professionals.

What Professional Plumbers Do When Unclogging Blocked Drains

When they work on jammed drains, below are some of the stuff qualified plumbers use to clear the blockage.

Manual Plumber’s Snake

A plumber’s snake can be easily bought from a store and you may keep one handy at home to remove small debris blocking your sink. When the pipe gets clear, the block will easily pass into the sewer system.

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Motorised Drain Snake

This is a more sophisticated type of drain that can reach up to 150 feet to clear a clogged drain. Working from the outside at the sewer cleanout port, the motorised drain snake can clear out a more extensive blockage better than a manual snake.

Hydro-jetting Machine

If the two methods above fail to work, the plumber will have the option to use this machine using high pressure water forced through the pipes. The action will then blast the clog fast. The plumber will also use video equipment to see if the case is more than just an ordinary clogging.

You might wonder if unclogging a blocked drain will take only a short time with the use of these devices mentioned above. Well, experts say it only takes several minutes using the manual snake if it involves unclogging the toilet, sink or tub. However, when it’s the main line that is involved, several hours could be spent working on the blockage.

When your drain is blocked, it isn’t only a small inconvenience but can become serious by creating more problems. Your own family’s health could be at stake and so do your neighbours. Whether there’s an emergency or none, you should be ready with the contact details of your emergency drain unblocking company, just in case.