Should You Be Buying A Mattress Topper Anytime Soon?

Should You Be Buying A Mattress Topper Anytime Soon?

Mattress toppers are just that cherry on top of your perfect sleep experience. The question always stands though, why would you need a mattress topper when you already have a mattress? Some may refer to it as a luxury or an added splurge, but the fact of the matter is that mattress toppers are proven to make sleep a lot more comfortable and effortless for many individuals. But, of course, it all depends on what your sleep requires.

Mattress toppers have a range of functions through which it adds to your sleep experience. Primarily mattress toppers are ideal for protecting your new mattresses and keeping them in mint condition for the most extended duration possible. In addition, the mattress toppers act as a shield from any stains, dirt, or extra weight that could damage the mattress through added pressure. Mattress toppers are your saviors when it comes to taking that added weight and pressure while protecting your beds from damage to the inner parts.

The secret of mattress toppers lies in their design and how each mattress topper is made, keeping varied different individual comfort and sleep needs. For example, if you like a more rigid surface to straighten your spine or medically prescribed harder mattresses for back pain, then specifically designed memory foam mattress toppers can provide firmness to even the softest of beds. Similarly, if someone wants to give their mattress a more delicate touch, feather board mattress toppers are their solution.

Mattress toppers should also be your go-to if you are on a tight budget and are at your wit’s end with your current in-shambles mattress. However, buying an actual new mattress can be very expensive and would need quite an investment on your part, so till then, you can buy a cheaper alternative, that is, a mattress topper. This will prolong the period of your mattress and give it a new life.

Since mattress toppers protect your mattress on multiple grounds, it is your best cost-cutting partner, in the long run, helping you change your beds much less and enabling you to save a whole lot of money.

When you have finally decided to take the leap of faith and get yourself a mattress topper, the foremost thing you need to do your homework on is the different types and materials. Depending on your wants and needs, other materials used in mattress toppers can fulfill various aspects.


The first and most common choice is cotton mattress toppers because of their durability and ease of washing. You can quickly home launder cotton mattress toppers. They are also very rigid in the face of wear and tear and hence last longer.

High-density toppers are made from memory foam. Like its more common functions in a standard mattress, memory foam helps equalize pressure points throughout the body and support the spine. In addition, it has a medium softness that allows you to melt into its warmth, ideal for side sleepers as it doesn’t cause excessive pressure difference on the frame of the body. People on the heavier side or weigh anywhere above 230 pounds should ideally look for a different material for mattress toppers.

Polyester mattress toppers like the one offered at La’Marvel are your greatest bet when looking for an all-rounder; polyester is a synthetic fiber and naturally hypoallergenic. So all your allergies will have no fear when sleeping on a polyester mattress topper. Polyester is also very comfortable and affordable, making the decision that bit easier to take.

It’s upon you and your needs to decide whether you would need an actual mattress topper or not, but the advantages of a mattress topper are always enticing!