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Five Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner

For many of us, our vacuum cleaners don’t get a second thought. As long as they turn on and clean our floors, we are happy. When they stop working as well, we throw them away and purchase another. But what if I told you that a vacuum cleaner can last up to 20 years or more. That’s right, a properly maintained vacuum cleaner can last quite a bit longer than we give them credit for and there is typically a wide range of high quality vacuum cleaner spares available when they need repair.

With That in Mind, We Are Going to Share Some Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner So That It Will Last Longer and Perform Better:

Replace The Bag Regularly- if your vacuum cleaner has a bag for collecting the dirt and debris, be sure to change it regularly. If the bag is too full, your vacuum cleaner won’t perform as well as it should. You can find new bags available wherever vacuum cleaner spares are sold.

Make Sure The Bag Is Properly Attached- when replacing the vacuum cleaner bag, be sure that it is properly installed. If not, it could leak, debris will fill the inside of your vacuum, and your vacuum will lose suction.

Empty Bagless Models Often- if your vacuum cleaner is the bagless style, be sure to empty the debris canister often. In fact, it is recommended to empty the canister when it is 50% full. When you empty it, you’ll also want to clean the attached filter.

Clean The Brush Roll- underneath your vacuum cleaner is a brush roll which is designed to gently brush your carpet, loosening any dirt and debris. This roll can become tangled with hair, string, and other material, rendering it useless. Remove the brush from your vacuum and clean away and tangles, debris, and other gunk that has collected on it.

Check The Belt- most vacuum cleaners, regardless of style, use a belt drive to power the brush roll. If the belt starts to slip, it will need replaced. Vacuum cleaner belts stretch as they age, but they are easy to replace and available at any vacuum cleaner spares supplier.

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