Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Blackout Curtain

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Blackout Curtain

Sunlight can become a very serious problem for people living in areas that receive a huge amount of heat and sunlight. In those areas, pimendavad kardinad is a necessity that one cannot ignore.

Therefore, to buy a good and durable blackout curtain for yourself, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Quality of the Fabric

Blackout curtains come in all kinds of fabric. However, it depends on the customer how they are going to use their curtain. The people who are looking for pitch dark in their room should consider buying curtains with thick impenetrable fabric.

If you are looking for semi-transparent curtains, choose a less dense fabric for your curtain. Moreover, the more dense your fabric is, the heavier it gets and thus making it very inconvenient to install and carry around.

Commonly people prefer polyester fabric or its mix with cotton if they are looking for a completely opaque fabric. Microfiber is also a good option if you want heavy light protection.

Choose Your Color Wisely

While buying a curtain for yourself, the most important factor to keep in mind is the color of the fabric you are buying. The color should comply with the color of your interiors. Moreover, you should not buy plain colors always as they usually do not go with many colors.

You could also buy fabrics with a mix of two or more colors. Many designer curtains with beautiful patterns are also available in the market.


Before going out in the market to buy a blackout curtain for yourself, you should plan out your purchase. Therefore, you should count the number of windows you want to cover with blackout curtains and measure the length of curtains you will buy for each of them.

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Moreover, while measuring your window frames, add a few inches to the length to make the curtains look more presentable. Now calculate the total amount and then go into the market looking for the set of curtains that suits your home as well as your budget.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation process of blackout curtains is very simple. First, you need to measure the length of your frame and find the perfect curtain with that measurement that you bought. Add rings on the top of your curtains to hang them from the curtain rods. Along with this, you can also add some fancy curtain rod holders to add to its charm.

Maintenance of these curtains is not very difficult, once or twice a month all you have to do is to take off these curtains and wash them in your washing machine. However, if your fabric is too thick, you will have to send it to the laundry to get it washed. Moreover, occasional dusting and cleaning of curtains will save you some time while washing them.

Buying a blackout curtain from a good company is as important as the above guidelines. Therefore, one should choose Avaeksperdid, a reputed company which will provide you best in class blackout curtains for your home.