What to Watch on CBS in 2021?


The world of television is growing at a rapid pace. There are loads of new shows premiering each day. Whether you are into TV shows about ghouls and vampires or would rather watch some good old classic comedy, there is a show out there for you.

Today, we shall tell you about some of the most amazing TV shows that you can only catch on the CBS platform. While some of these shows have been on the air for quite some time, others have only begun their tenure in the year 2021. So, let’s have a look.

The Equalizer (TV Show)

Starring Queen Latifah, The Equalizer tells us the story of a mysterious CIA operative who has taken it upon herself to help those who no one else would. While most people would think of Robyn (Latifah) as a boring single mom, others only know her as ‘The Equalizer’ and their only hope.

Watch Robyn utilize her unique skillset as she takes on the roughest and toughest people in the neighborhood. No to mention, some of the finest cast members such as Tory Kittles, Adam Goldberg, Lorraine Toussaint, and several others will be there to bless this TV show.

United States of Al

United States of Al is the story about two friends, Riley (portrayed by Parker Young) and Awalmir (portrayed by Adhir Kalyan). While Riley is a Marine veteran struggling to adjust to civilian life, Awalmir is an Afghan interpreter who has moved to America for a fresh new start.

While the initial introduction of these characters may portray this show to be a serious one, the reality is quite the opposite. The show sheds a comedic light on the friendship and gives quite a laugh to its audience. Other notable figures seen in this TV show include Elizabeth Alderfer, Dean Norris, and Farrah Mackenzie.


Moving on to something more serious, Clarice tells us the follow-up story of one of the most iconic characters from the masterpiece of a film, The Silence of the Lambs. The story kicks off about a year after the events of the film in 1991.

Now, we have a look at the personal life of Clarice and what she had to go through after she returned to the field. The role of Clarice Starling is beautifully portrayed by Rebecca Breeds whereas other supporting cast members include Michael Cudlitz, Jayne Atkinson, Lucca De Oliveira, and a few others.

The Unicorn

Dating can be quite infuriating, especially if you are a widower returning to the dating scene. Wade Felton (portrayed by Walton Goggins) has had quite a rough year. However, the journey ahead is not that much easy either. Now he has to learn how to take care of two young daughters while also dealing with the fact that he actually is a hot commodity in the dating world. Watch this family comedy as Wade juggles his dating and parenting worlds to the best of his abilities. Other cast members included in this TV show are Rob Corddry, Omar Benson Miller, Maya Lynne Robinson, Ruby Jay, and various others.

The Neighborhood

Moving to a whole new city can be quite a daunting experience. Understanding the local traditions, adjusting to the local cuisine, and whatnot. This is what Dave Johnson (portrayed by Max Greenfield) has to go through when his wife Gemma (portrayed by Beth Behrs) gets a new job in Los Angeles and they have to move their whole lives from a small town in Michigan to the city of Los Angeles.

The hilarity begins when their new neighbor, Calvin Butler (portrayed by Cedric the Entertainer), doesn’t appreciate Dave’s extreme friendliness and vivacity. On the other hand, Calvin’s wife, Tine (portrayed by Tichina Arnold) has welcomed them with open arms. Now, how do the two families accommodate each other is something that you may find out if you tune in to this wonderful TV show on CBS.


Emmy Award winner and the producer of the Law and Order TV show, Dick Wolf has brought forward yet another TV spectacle to your TV screens. FBI focuses on the professional life of the agents at the FBI office in New York.

The bureau has upped its game with the most fascinating technologies and the most sophisticated skills that are utilized regularly to tackle any and all threats to New York City and the country as a whole. Prominent actors performing in this TV show include Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, and Ebonee Noel.

On a Final Note

This list is the cream of the crop when it comes to TV shows on CBS right now. There is loads of other exciting content as well if you decide to tune into this TV channel. And if your cable TV service provider does not offer CBS in its TV channel lineup, then you may always turn to Optimum TV as it not only offers CBS but quite a variety of TV channels in its huge channel lineup. Simply hop on to the BuyTVInternetPhone platform to grab a promo offer today.