5 Space-Saving Dining Table Ideas for Small Spaces

5 Space-Saving Dining Table Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have a small space, it can be challenging to look for furniture pieces that provide both functionality and style. When it comes to choosing the right dining table, you need to find one that can accommodate the number of people in your household and at the same time save some space.

Below are some stylish dining table ideas for small spaces:

Built-In Dining Table

One of the most popular and stylish space-saving dining tables you can consider for our home is the built-in table. You can connect your dining table to one of your walls or even to your kitchen counter for better efficiency. You can also have a fold-up wall-mounted table that you can fold up when not in use.

Round Or Oval Table


Round and oval tables are known to be great space-savers because there are no corners that take up additional space. They are great for small intimate dinners than large ones. But if you expect to host dinners on some occasions, you can choose extendable tables. To save even more space, find a round table where you can adequately tuck the chairs underneath when not in use.

Extendable Dining Table


Do you love having guests over for dinner occasionally? Then an extendable dining table is well-suited for your home. You can extend it when you need it. It is a great space-saving table that can turn an intimate relaxed dinner to a merry gathering with family and friends.

Drop-Leaf Tables

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drop-leaf table is another excellent space saving table that you can consider when you expect guests to dine with you from time to time. You can fold down the leaves when not used and raise them when you need more dining space. You can choose to raise only one leaf or both depending on your needs. That’s how practical it is.

Dining-kitchen Counter


If you have a small space, why not combine different functions for your table? A dining-kitchen table allows you to prepare and eat your meals in one place. Plus, it can have additional space for kitchen storage. Since most kitchen counters are high, you can pair them with less bulky, easy to keep counter stools.