Ways To Better Organize Your House

Ways To Better Organize Your House

Keeping a clean house can be very difficult, especially if you have children. The number one tip that people give as a way to always have a clean house is to get rid of your unnecessary belongings. But what should you do if you need everything you have? If you have a full household, you understand just how much you really need to keep around. Instead of getting rid of your belongings, consider focusing on organizing your house instead. Here are a few tips you can start with.

Find a Home for Everything

One reason homes are cluttered is because people cannot find what they are looking for. Sometimes this is because items are improperly organized, and other times it’s because people don’t put their belongings away. Make it a habit of not setting something down when you’re done with it and walking away. Take the extra minute to place that item where it belongs.

If you’re not sure where things should belong, consider where you use them the most. For example, some people may put all of their toiletries in the bathroom, but if they don’t get ready in the bathroom, those toiletries will end up scattered around the house. If you get ready in your room, it makes more sense to place all of your toiletries in an organized place in your bedroom instead of the bathroom. This can free up much-needed storage space for towels and extra toilet paper where you need them in the bathroom.

How to Organize Every Space in Your House | Abby Lawson

Use Storage Containers

If your home doesn’t have a lot of built-in cabinetry or shelving, get extra storage containers to place in various rooms of the house. Utilize bookshelves with storage bins to use vertical space and hide belongings you don’t want others to see. If space is limited, you can tuck away rolling carts on swivel wheels into the corner of your room or behind other objects. When you need to access the cart, you simply roll it out and take out what you need.

Store Away Rarely Used Items

Unless you have a big bedroom closet, you don’t need to put your ski suit in it. Put rarely used items in the garage. Belongings that typically fall into that category include luggage, seasonal clothing and accessories, and camping equipment. If you don’t have a garage, consider getting a shed. If you rent and don’t have those options, dedicate a storage closet to contain only the rarely used items so you’re not in and out of it all the time, which can keep the closet organized longer.