Should You Buy a Home Needing Foundation Crack Repair in  Bloomington?

Should You Buy a Home Needing Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington?

Foundation crack repair for Bloomington homes is sometimes an expensive investment. Foundation cracks can also lead to secondary damage inside and outside the property, including cracks along walls and ceilings, uneven door and window frames, and even mold growth!

All of these issues are why some homebuyers might question if it’s worth purchasing a home needing foundation crack repair in Bloomington, or a house that has had foundation repair work done. While only a real estate agent or property appraiser can advise on the condition of a particular property you’re considering for purchase. According to the experts at Bloomington Foundation Repair ( , below are some factors to consider when contemplating a house needing foundation repair.

Get an Estimate for Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington

Before you decide for or against buying a home needing foundation crack repair, ensure you get two or three repair estimates prepared, so you can compare prices and get an idea of how much that repair work will cost you. One vital reason for getting written estimates is that some foundation repair services are not as expensive as you might assume.

For example, minor foundation cracks might be patched using specialty injections that expand to fill all those nooks and crannies. These injections might only cost $300 to $1000 per service, although they typically do need reapplying every 5 to 10 years. Paying just a few hundred dollars for foundation crack repair after taking possession of a home is typically affordable for many homebuyers!

Other foundation repair services including house leveling might also cost just a few thousand dollars. If you find that the home’s asking price is low enough to compensate for those costs, or if the property offers lots of other features you need in a new home, you might find that the house a good purchase for you and your family.

On the other hand, you might find that the foundation damage is so severe and would be so costly to fix that the overall price for owning the home is outside your budget! Some foundation crack repairs can run over $10,000 or even more, depending on the extent of damage and the home’s age, which can push the price for buying and then repairing the house beyond your budget.

Consider Secondary Damage When Getting Estimates for Repairs

When you do get estimates for needed foundation crack repair, don’t overlook secondary damage around the home that will also need addressing. As a foundation cracks it then weakens, often leading to sinking and settling. This sinking can result in any of the following secondary damage:

  • Interior wall cracks
  • Cracked ceiling tiles
  • Damaged structural framing including cracked roof rafters and joists or cracked subflooring
  • Mold growth and mildew under carpeting
  • Buckled floors or floor tiles coming away from the subflooring
  • Cracks along the roof, loosened shingles and tiles
  • Plumbing cracks and leaks
  • Gaps forming around door and window frames
  • Popped drywall nails or drywall sections pulls away from each other, especially in room corners
  • Popped or cracked baseboards and crown molding

Ensure you know the cost of addressing these issues along with foundation repair costs so you can estimate your total repair expenses, if you should buy that house.

Does the Home Need Other Fixes to Protect Those Repairs?

Foundation concrete might tend to weaken and crack over time, simply due to age. However, if a property is not graded properly or has poor drainage, foundation concrete will absorb excess moisture in the soil and risk premature breakdown.

Foundations also need waterproof coatings over the years, to help repel moisture. For areas prone to flooding, a sump pump or French drain installation might also be needed, to direct floodwaters away from the foundation.

When considering if you should buy a home needing foundation crack repair in Bloomington, ensure you check on the cost of all this maintenance work. In some cases, you might find that grading or a French drain installation is only a few hundred dollars, making the home a worthy investment for you.

What Happens If You Neglect Needed Foundation Crack Repair?

If you want to purchase a home needing foundation crack repair, note that you shouldn’t assume you can put off those fixes for too long. Foundation cracks let in moisture which is then absorbed by structural framing, risking wood rot and other severe damage. That moisture also risks mold growth, mildew underneath carpeting, and even insect infestation, all of which should be addressed quickly.

Severe foundation damage can allow ceiling tiles to crack and fall, and bowing basement walls might also eventually crumble. Damaged chimney stacks can also crumble and collapse! Crumbled basement walls expose the home to the outside elements, while a damaged chimney can mean a buildup of noxious fumes from a home’s furnace.

Foundation damage also gets worse the longer it’s ignored. Ignoring needed foundation crack repair in Bloomington can then lead to the need for underpinning, house leveling, and other such fixes. This is why it’s vital for homebuyers to plan on addressing that foundation damage right after taking possession of the property, if they should decide to buy!