If you see the bigger picture, you’ll realize that the world population as a whole is only increasing. In addition to that, people from other countries also migrate to first-world countries for better opportunities. All these factors contribute to the high rise in housing prices. As a result, finding a decent neighborhood and a spacious apartment within one’s budget is becoming harder and harder. It is not the problem of only America, but thriving European cities are also facing a housing crisis. It is precisely when architects and interior designers go to work to find a solution to the problem. With innovative designs, one can live in a small space without compromising on the living standard. Continue reading this article to find out more about how you can use interior design hacks to make your room look bigger than it is.

Bright Colors: If the goal is to brighten the living space with colors, the obvious choices would be gray, light blue, sea green, and more. Go for muted colors that make the room look spacious. There should be a coherent color palette throughout the house. For example, the color from your living room can continue to the dining space as well, tricking the eyes to make both the room appear larger. An interior designer will apply these optical tricks and play with colors that make the room look airier.

Clear The Clutter: Even if you have a large house, it will look smaller if there is clutter everywhere. Don’t leave things scattered all over the floor, instead have specific placement for every little item. Install cabinets and built-in furniture to create more floor space. When everything is hidden behind the cupboard doors, the living area will appear more spacious.

  • Since there will be many cabinets to keep things secure, the storage needs to look good. They shouldn’t make the room boxy in any way. You can install customized cabinet handles to make the cabinets look chic. Attention to detail makes the interior décor more attractive.
  • Have multipurpose furniture at home to save space. For example, you can install a sofa cum bed that serves as a sofa in the living room and doubles as a bed if needed. You may also utilize the storage space under the couch and other seating areas to keep the articles hidden from the plain view.

A Focal Point: when you design a room, there should be one focal point in the room. All the furniture in the room should face that particular wall only. This technique allows one to place the furniture in a specific direction. One must always keep the décor minimum in order to make the room bigger. You may also use mirrors in the walls to create an illusion of a larger space. The placement of a mirror can add more aesthetic value to the overall décor of the house.

Light Up The Room: Playing with both natural and artificial lights is the aim of every interior designer. If you have access to the natural lighting, be sure to let that be the highlight of the room. Natural lighting makes everything look beautiful. Open the windows as much as possible to let the light shine through your small apartment. If, however, you don’t have access to natural light, be sure to install mood lighting to create ambiance.