6 Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing in Michigan

6 Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing in Michigan

Basement foundations are popular in many states, including right here in the Midwest. Basements, in addition to providing shelter from severe weather such as tornadoes, add a “bonus room” to a home. Many families finish their basement to make it into a den or hangout area, while others use their basement for storage or laundry. The possibilities for your basement are endless, but they also require different maintenance than the rest of the home since they are underground.

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1. Water Pooling on Your Floor

Water in the basement is never a good sign. While there are other things that can cause water to pool in the basement, such as plumbing leaks from inside the house or leaking appliances, it also may indicate a problem with the basement itself. If moisture is getting in from the outside and causing puddles or pooling, it may be time to look into having basement waterproofing done in Michigan.

2. Mold Growth

Did you know that mold starts to grow in as little as 48 hours after initial water damage? Basements are one of the best places for mold to grow since they’re usually damp and cool, and if your basement isn’t properly waterproofed, water damage can happen fast. Mold can hide behind appliances, under sinks, and on walls and ceilings, so be sure to check every once in a while. It may be black or green and look like dirt.

3. Musty Odor

Musty-smelling basements are fairly common, but the odor indicates that you have a problem. That “musty basement” smell is actually a sign of mold and mildew growth. If you’re trying to track down the source of the musty smell, look for signs of water damage. Even if there aren’t currently puddles or pools of water sitting in your basement, there’ll likely be some evidence left behind, such as water stains or mineral deposits.

4. Warped Doors

Depending on your basement’s layout, you may or may not have a few separate rooms. If the doors to those rooms suddenly become hard to open or shut, you might assume that the foundation is just settling. However, excess moisture in the basement can also cause doors to warp, making them more prone to getting stuck. Moisture can actually be used in a controlled manner to bend or unbend wood if it dries out, but of course, moisture hanging out in your basement will bend the wood how it wants to.

5. Wall Problems

Water is more of a force than people sometimes remember to give it credit for. The force of water isn’t limited to strong tsunamis- even the groundwater in the soil surrounding your home can push in on the walls to the point where they bow, bulge, or crack. This can be a problem in any area, but particularly in areas with a higher concentration of clay in the soil. Moisture causes that clay to expand, which then presses in on the walls. Never ignore bowing walls; they are a serious structural issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

6. Efflorescence

Have you ever been down in a concrete block basement and noticed white streaks on the walls? It might look like mold at first, but unlike mold, efflorescence itself is actually harmless. It’s a deposit of minerals left behind after water evaporates. However, it’s a sign that you may need to waterproof your basement. Efflorescence happens when groundwater from outside seeps in through the walls. Since concrete is porous, concrete block basements are especially susceptible to this issue.

How Does Basement Waterproofing Work in Michigan?

Though basement waterproofing is a relatively straightforward process, it should always be done by a professional basement waterproofing company in Michigan. Waterproofing can be done from the exterior or the interior. Exterior waterproofing is a more involved and labor-intensive, and therefore more expensive, process because you have to dig around the outside of the foundation to access it.

Interior Waterproofing

The process of waterproofing a basement from the inside starts with sealing any cracks with cement or a specially formulated sealing product. The waterproofing company will then install a drainage system to direct water away from your house, such as a sump pump. A special membrane or coating is put on the walls to further protect them from moisture.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing provides great protection for your basement and your home overall, but it takes a bit more time and labor. The waterproofing company will dig all the way around your house, down to the foundation walls. They’ll still install a drainage system, then the membrane or coating is put on the outside of the walls. It’ll be set up to direct the water away from touching your walls at all, meaning no pooling around the base of the foundation.

What is The Cost of Michigan Basement Waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing is an investment in your home and your peace of mind, and can also boost a house’s value for when it’s time to sell. The upfront cost may be intimidating, but waterproofing can reduce the need for repairs further down the road, saving you money.

The average cost for interior waterproofing services is between $3 and $10 per square foot, while the average cost for exterior waterproofing services sits between $8,700 and $14,500 due to the costs of excavation.

Why You Should Hire a Basement Waterproofing Company in Michigan

Basement waterproofing in Michigan is a job that should be left to professionals. Even though the cost might be off-putting at first, you will most likely not save much money- if any- by attempting to waterproof the basement on your own, and you may actually end up costing yourself more if things don’t go correctly. The process of installing a drainage system especially can get complex quickly.

If you think you may need basement waterproofing services, you can call a professional for an assessment. They will be able to spot any areas of your foundation that need repair before the process starts, then provide a recommendation on what type of waterproofing you should have done.. Hiring professionals ensures that the work is executed using proper techniques and materials that will last a long time. The last thing you want is to have waterproofing done, then have to have it done again six months later.