When is Foundation Repair Necessary in Kansas City?

When is Foundation Repair Necessary in Kansas City?

The foundation is one of the most vital parts of your home. It’s responsible for bearing the weight of the structure and keeping the house stable. However, just like any other part of your home, the foundation may need to be repaired from time to time. Since the foundation is underneath your home, chances are, you don’t think of it or see it often. This means that you may not catch foundation issues right away unless you make it a point to check for them. We’ll discuss how to tell when foundation repair in the Kansas City area is necessary and what steps you can take. Please click “Visit Website” if you require additional information about foundation repair.

Kansas City Foundation Repair is Necessary When Your Foundation Is:

Settling or Sinking

If a foundation is built on unstable soil, it’s at risk of sinking into the soil, a process known as settling. Some settling is perfectly normal, but if a house settles too far, it can cause the foundation to weaken. This can also cause your floors to become uneven, which can be a safety issue if it progresses far enough. Uneven floors can easily become a tripping hazard.


When your Kansas City foundation weakens or experiences pressure from the outside, it may develop cracks. Additionally, with any foundation issue, there’s the potential for cracks to form in your basement, walls, and/or floors. Cracks less than ⅛ of an inch are typically considered minor, but if you find anything bigger than that, call a repair company right away. Even if you find minor cracks, you should still have the foundation inspected at your earliest convenience. Bob Vila estimates the average cost of a minor foundation crack repair in Kansas City, MO at about $500.


When the moisture levels in soil drop dramatically, the soil becomes looser and less stable. This can lead to your foundation shifting out of its original position. Walls and doors may appear crooked if this happens. Fixtures like your sink or toilet may start to pull away from the wall.

Normal Settling vs. Foundation Problems

Sometimes, houses creak or groan and someone will say, “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just the house settling.” A settling foundation might sound like a bad thing since the house is sinking down into the soil, but some settling is actually perfectly normal. How do you tell the difference between what’s normal and when you should call a Kansas City foundation repair company to come do an inspection?

The signs of normal settling are usually very mild or not noticeable at all, and the most you’ll usually notice is a bit of creaking. However, the signs of foundation issues are much clearer. You’ll know that your foundation is settling too much if your doors and windows start to stick or warp or you notice cracks in your walls, foundation, or chimney.

How Quickly Should Foundation Repairs Be Done?

If the crack in your wall has been there for a while, it’s easy to pass it off as no big deal. Similarly, if you apply some sealant and water stops leaking in, you might think the problem is fixed- or at least fixed enough- and the major repairs can wait. However, it’s always important to have the foundation looked at by a professional if there’s any sign of a potential problem.

Since your foundation is such an important part of your home and bears the weight of the entire structure, it’s vitally important to keep it in good shape. This means that as soon as you notice signs of a foundation issue, you should contact a Kansas City foundation repair company to have it looked at. Even if the problem does turn out to be something that can wait a little while, it’s important to know that for sure rather than guessing.

Signs of an Urgent Foundation Problem or Emergency

Foundation repairs can sometimes wait for a bit, but there are some indicators of a problem that you should never ignore or delay repairs for.

If the walls of your basement are starting to bow inwards, it’s time to call the repair company right away. Bowing walls are a sign of a serious structural problem, and the last thing you want is for them to collapse inward.

Small amounts of water are concerning and should be addressed as soon as possible. However, serious flooding in your basement is an emergency! Not only should you call a water damage cleanup company, you’ll need to call the foundation repair company in Kansas City and have your foundation inspected as well. You may have some serious leaks on your hands that need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Are Houses With Foundation Problems Safe?

Your home should be a safe place for you and your family, so it’s worrisome to find a problem with the very thing that’s holding it up. Is it safe to stay in a home with foundation problems? The good news is, it’s generally safe to remain in your home until the repair can be done. Foundations are built to last, and even if you do need repairs, the problems tend to develop slowly over years. It’s normal to worry about damage, but rest assured that you are not in immediate danger the moment you find a crack.

Foundation Problems in Kansas City

Here in the Midwest, we’re at risk for a few different types of foundation problems. Unfortunately, they’re fairly common in Kansas City because of the way our soil is made up. There’s a high concentration of clay in the soil, and clay expands when it’s wet. When we get heavy rain in the spring, the clay expands and can push in on the walls of the foundation, causing them to crack, bow, or bulge inwards.

When the dry days of summer hit, the opposite can happen. The clay in the soil dries out and shrinks back away from the house. This may sound like a good thing after the expansion of the clay causes it to press in, but the shrinkage can actually cause the soil to become less stable and reduce its ability to hold the foundation. This is when your house may sink or settle into the soil.